October 5, 2022

Sharon Worcester gave me news I didn't want to hear. She found alcohol is a major preventable risk factor for cancer. The study was published online on August 24, 2022, in JAMA Network Open.

Higher consumption was an important cancer risk factor, with the highest risks observed among people who drink 3 alcoholic beverages per day and higher. A reduction in use was associated with lower risk, particularly among participants who started drinking at a heavy level. Previous studies have estimated that alcohol use accounts for nearly 4% of newly diagnosed cancers worldwide and nearly 5% of US cancer cases. The figures are much higher for some specific cancers. That same US study found that alcohol accounts for ≥45% of oral cavity/pharyngeal cancers and ≥25% of laryngeal cancers, 12.1% of female breast cancers, 11.1% of colorectal cancers, 10.5% of liver cancers, and 7.7% of esophageal cancers.

Subjects were categorized based on alcohol consumption: none (0 g/d), mild ( <15 g/d) with 3% increased risk, moderate (15–29.9 g/d) with a 10% increased risk, and heavy (30 or more g/d) with a 34% increased risk. These levels correspond to none, 1, 2, and 3 drinks per day.

Worcester, Sharon JAMA Network Open. Published online August 24, 2022.

September 30, 2022 Pill taking

Doctor Adam Marcus described his bad experience in taking a pill in Medscape. He was lying down when he remembered to take a pill. Adam swallowed the pill without water and lay back down. He quickly had painful cramps. Motivated by that experience, he studied the biology of pill taking. Our stomach is shaped like a bean, turns right, and is tapered at the bottom, where it connects to our intestine. To quickly get the pill to its destination, it is best to sit up and lean right. Water or food is needed to move the pill along; the instructions with the drug will indicate which is best. Unfortunately, the article is not available to the public without a subscription.

Rajat Mittal, PhD, professor of medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; professor of mechanical engineering, Whiting School of Engineering.

Physics of Fluids: "Computational modeling of drug dissolution in the human stomach: Effects of posture and gastroparesis on drug bioavailability."

September 23, 2022  Multi Vitamin for reducing the chance for cognitive decline

Laura D. Baker and others did a study of cocoa extract, believing it would improve cognitive performance; they used a multivitamin as a placebo. They were surprised that the cocoa did not work, but the multivitamin did improve cognition. The process of preparing our food often removes essential vitamins and minerals. Many people are deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals. Multivitamin supplements are inexpensive insurance in being deficient. (Baker et al., 2022)

Baker, L. D., Manson, J. E., Rapp, S. R., Sesso, H. D., Gaussoin, S. A., Shumaker, S. A., … Laura Baker, C. D. (2022). Effects of cocoa extract and a multivitamin on cognitive function: A randomized clinical trial. Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

September 14, 2022   Why hard mental work makes you tired

​Wiehler and others studied why daylong cognitive work alters the control of economic decisions. They studied two groups. Choice-related fatigue markers were only present in the high-demand group, with a reduction of pupil dilation during decision-making and a preference shift toward short-delay and little-effort options (a low-cost bias captured using computational modeling). In Summary: high-demand cognitive work resulted in higher glutamate concentration and glutamate/glutamine diffusion in a cognitive control brain region (lateral prefrontal cortex). (Wiehler)

A neuro-metabolic account of why daylong cognitive work alters the control of economic decisionsAntonius Wiehler Published: August 11, 2022DOI:

September 8, 2022

This chart clearly outlines how to avoid Alzheimer’s and other dementias. I have reviewed many clinical studies that describe the Mediterranean diet. They are not consistent, but they have two things in common. They use olive oil and not inflammatory vegetable oils like soybean oil. They are low in added sugars. The low red meat factor has been studied separately, and there is no relationship between moderate red meat consumption and dementia or heart disease. (Baumgart et al., 2015)

Baumgart, M., Snyder, H. M., Carrillo, M. C., Fazio, S., Kim, H., & Johns, H. (2015). Summary of the evidence on modifiable risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia: A population-based perspective. Alzheimer’s & Dementia, 11(6), 718–726.

September 4, 2022 


This is from Champ which carries out and translates research to improve service member performance in the field and returning to duty. CHAMP aims to be DoD’s best resource for evidence-based information on human performance optimization (HPO) to improve the performance and resilience of our service members and their families.

Is any one of these third-party certification seals on the product label? 

Yes         No

Are there less than six ingredients on the Supplement Facts label?

Yes         No

Is the label free of the words proprietary, blend, matrix, or complex?

Yes         No

Can you easily pronounce the name of each ingredient on the Supplement Facts label?

Yes         No

Is the amount of caffeine listed on the label 200 mg or less per serving? (If caffeine is not listed, mark “Yes”)

Yes         No

Is the label free of questionable claims or statements?

Yes         No

Are all the % Daily Values (% DV) on the Supplement Facts label less than 200%? (If % DV is not listed, mark “No”)

Yes         No

SUPPLEMENT SCORE  4 or more is okay. Less than 4 is a “no-go.” It’s also a “no-go” if it contains any ingredients on the Prohibited List. 

August 29, 2022

According to the CDC, as of August 26, 2022
COVID-19 cases: 7-Day Average is 90,676 per day
Hospitalizations: 7-Day Average is 5,314 per day                                                                                                                  Deaths: 7-day Average is 390 per day

August 26, 2022

Intermittent fasting Is a way to lose the fat that causes a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, increased risk of falling, increased injury caused by a fall, Hip problems, knee problems, and Arthritis. The health problems described above are epidemic, and independent studies have linked them to metabolic syndrome. Earlier, I discussed the role played by fructose and inflammatory fatty acids. Fructose is found in all added sugars. Soybean and most vegetable oils are inflammatory. Look at earlier blog entries for details.

People recoil in horror when I describe my 18-hour fast each day from 6:00 PM until Noon the next day, even though they have occasionally done it by being busy and unable to get breakfast. Our bodies switch from using carbohydrates to using fat for energy about 11 hours after we stop eating carbohydrates. It will happen during the night if you do not have an evening snack. This switch happens to athletes in long-duration activities. It is called hitting the wall. After the conversion, energy levels pick up. Besides the need for coffee by those addicted to caffeine, breakfast is a habit that will seem hard to break. After the third or fifth day, skipping it will become a new habit and easy.

(Byrne, Sainsbury, King, Hills, & Wood, 2018) Byrne, N. M., Sainsbury, A., King, N. A., Hills, A. P., & Wood, R. E. (2018). Intermittent energy restriction improves weight loss efficiency in obese men: The MATADOR study. International Journal of Obesity, 42(2), 129–138.

(Harvie, M., Wright, C., Pegington, M., McMullan, D., Mitchell, E., Martin, B., … Howell, A. 2013). The effect of intermittent energy and carbohydrate restriction v. daily energy restriction on weight loss and metabolic disease risk markers in overweight women. British Journal of Nutrition, 110(8), 1534–1547.

(Jamshed, H., Steger, F. L., Bryan, D. R., Richman, J. S., Warriner, A. H., Hanick, C. J., … Peterson, C. M. 2022). Effectiveness of Early Time-Restricted Eating for Weight Loss, Fat Loss, and Cardiometabolic Health in Adults With Obesity: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Internal Medicine.

August 19, 2022 ​Low muscle mass and cognitive decline:

A study found that low muscle mass was significantly and independently associated with faster subsequent executive function decline over three years among adults at least 65. Measures of lean mass could be routinely incorporated into the image. Clinical screening of older adults to identify those with low muscle mass may provide insight regarding their risk of developing cognitive impairment and thereby guide the testing and application of preventative or therapeutic interventions. (Tessier, Wing, Rahme, Morais, & Chevalier, 2022)

Tessier, A.-J., Wing, S. S., Rahme, E., Morais, J. A., & Chevalier, S. (2022). Association of Low Muscle Mass With Cognitive Function During a 3-Year Follow-up Among Adults Aged 65 to 86 Years in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging. JAMA Network Open, 5(7), e2219926–e2219926.

August 14, 2022

Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium are minerals required for optimum health. I covered Magnesium and Calcium earlier. Many doctors prescribe a low sodium diet even though less than 3 grams of Sodium per day is dangerous, can lead to insulin resistance, and can cause death for patients in a hot environment. Low Sodium does not cure any disease. For a small minority of patients, high insulin may block sodium excretion. This needs to be corrected by eliminating type 2 diabetes. Across cultures and in varied climates, people naturally consume 3 to 5 grams of Sodium. We will naturally consume the correct amount of Sodium. (McCarron, Kazaks, Geerling, Sterns, & Graudal Niels, 2013)

Most people are Potassium deficient because they consume less than 5 grams daily. Meat, potatoes, and fresh vegetables usually supply this amount. Potassium is lost when foods are cooked in water, and the water is drained off. Both Neal and Yin studied substituting Potassium salt for Sodium salt and found a health improvement. (Yin et al., 2022) (Neal, B 2021)

When substituting Potassium Salt for Sodium Salt, care must ensure that sufficient Sodium is still consumed. I do this by eating raw vegetables, and when at home, using a mix of Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride at the table.

McCarron, D. A., Kazaks, A., Geerling, J. C., Sterns, J. S., & Graudal Niels, A. (2013). Normal Range of Dietary Sodium Intake. American Journal of Hypertension, 1218–1222. Retrieved from

Neal, B., Wu, Y., Feng, X., Zhang, R., Zhang, Y., Shi, J., … Elliott, P. (2021). Effect of Salt Substitution on Cardiovascular Events and Death. Https://Doi.Org/10.1056/NEJMoa2105675, NEJMoa2105675.

Yin, X., Rodgers, A., Perkovic, A., Huang, L., Li, K.-C., Yu, J., … Neal, B. (2022). Effects of salt substitutes on clinical outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Heart, heartjnl-2022-321332.

August 12, 2022

Alden and others found that liver calls could convert vaccine RNA into DNA and absorb it into the liver calls. This experiment was done in a laboratory and not in a person. More work must be done to find liver cells with the converted RNA in persons who had the vaccine. It is terrible if this happens to people who have had the vaccine. Liver cells with this DNA will not work like natural liver cells and may be more likely to become cancerous. (Aldén et al., 2022)  

The CDC has now approved a vaccine by Novavax that does not use RNA. It would be prudent to use the Novavax vaccine until the research is completed. (CDC)

Aldén, M., Olofsson Falla, F., Yang, D., Barghouth, M., Luan, C., Rasmussen, M., & De Marinis, Y. (2022). Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line. Current Issues in Molecular Biology, 44(3), 1115–1126.

CDC. (n.d.). Novavax COVID-19, Adjuvanted Vaccine: Overview and Safety | CDC. Retrieved August 12, 2022, from

August 8, 2022 Alzheimer's

The FDA approved Aducanumab (Aduhelm) for treating Alzheimer's disease. This approval was despite being entirely rejected by the science advisory panel. Biogen submitted two studies to obtain approval. The approval was based on clearing the amyloid plaques. There have been many plaque removal and prevention studies. None have helped halt or reverse Alzheimer's. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, Woloshin and Kesselheim wrote the following about Aducanumab.

"Two clinical trials tested aducanumab. When analyzed together, they showed no change in remembering, learning, reasoning, or functioning vs. placebo. Examined separately, 1 trial showed slightly less worsening on these measures in patients receiving the drug vs placebo. The average effect seen in the trials is not likely to be noticeable for many patients or families.

Adverse effects were common. In the trials, 41% of patients experienced brain swelling or bleeding. While most cases were mild and managed with dose reduction, 1% to 2% of patients required hospitalization or had long-lasting impairment. A recent patient death linked to aducanumab is under investigation.

Aducanumab does not cure or reverse Alzheimer's disease. In 2 clinical trials, after 18 months it reduced amyloid plaque levels, but that did not translate to any clinical effect in 1 trial or a noticeable effect in the other. Potentially serious harms are common. The FDA has required that another trial be completed by 2030 to decide whether aducanumab has a meaningful patient benefit."

Even if Aducanumab slows the reduction in cognition, that will make it worse.

Steven Woloshin, MD, MS1,2; Aaron S. Kesselheim, MD, JD, MPH3 June 6, 2022JAMA Intern Med. 2022;182(8):892. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2022.1039

August 2, 2022 Sauna bathing

Sudden cardiac death is a global public health burden accounting for 15–20% of all deaths. Sauna bathing is associated with a reduced risk of adverse cardiovascular disease and other outcomes and mortality. Reports have linked sauna bathing with reduced or increased risk of sudden cardiac death, but the evidence is uncertain. This review summarizes available studies linking sauna bathing with sudden cardiac death. Observational data suggest that regular sauna bathing is associated with a substantial risk reduction in sudden cardiac death.

Furthermore, the data suggest that a combination of regular physical activity and sauna baths confers substantial risk reduction for sudden cardiac death compared with either modality alone. Few reports have linked sauna baths with sudden cardiac deaths. Still, these single case incidents have been attributed to dehydration, hypotension, and cardiac arrhythmias due to a combination of sauna exposure and alcohol consumption. Sauna bathing is generally safe for most healthy people and even among patients with a stable cardiac disease if used sensibly and cautiously. The protective effect of sauna bathing on sudden cardiac death may be linked to reduced arterial stiffness, decreases in inflammation and oxidative stress, stabilization of the autonomic nervous system, beneficial changes in circulating lipid profiles and other sudden cardiac disease risk markers, and lowering of systemic blood pressure. (Laukkanen & Kunutsor, 2019)

Sauna bathing is associated with many health benefits, from cardiovascular and cognitive health to physical fitness and muscle maintenance. It is generally considered safe for healthy adults and may be safe for special populations with appropriate medical supervision. Heat stress via sauna use elicits hormetic responses driven by molecular mechanisms that protect the body from damage, similar to those produced by moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise. It may offer a means to forestall the effects of aging and extend healthspan. (Patrick & Johnson, 2021)

Laukkanen, J. A., & Kunutsor, S. K. (2019). Is sauna bathing protective of sudden cardiac death? A review of the evidence. Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, 62(3), 288–293.

Patrick, R. P., & Johnson, T. L. (2021). Sauna use as a lifestyle practice to extend healthspan. Experimental Gerontology, 154, 111509.

July 25, 2022

For someone reading my blog, it is reasonable to say: What do you do? I must say that I did all the wrong things except for exercise and required two open heart surgeries, cancer, diverticulitis, and hospital pneumonia in early 2018. This sequence of health problems has damaged my heart. I am now in better shape and eating right.

•             I fast from 6:00 PM to Noon the next day (about 18 hours daily) to keep the weight off and allow autophagy to clear underperforming cells to be recycled.

•             For lunch, I eat a salad of broccoli, cauliflower, and celery with salad dressing, then bacon and eggs or sausage and eggs. I finish with one piece of fruit. I use a salad dressing without sugar. I also replace the Inflammatory vegetable oil in the salad dressing with medium chain triglyceride oil. 

•             For dinner, I stay away from foods fried in Vegetable oil. I usually start with a salad.  I obtain protein from fish, beef, pork, or chicken. I do not eat fish high on the food chain; It has too much mercury. I also eat vegetables with butter and salt. I use butter liberally on a roll.

•             I do not eat a dessert with sugar. Sometimes I will have soup for dessert.

•             I ride my bicycle for legs and balance and use a gym to strengthen my upper body.

My weight is stable at about 175 pounds. This is optimum for a six-foot person. Heart healing is slow, and at 82 years old it might not be fast enough. 

July 19, 2022

Monkeypox cases have risen to more than 11,000 worldwide, according to the CDC. In the U.S. Alone, Cases Have Now Passed 1,000. This is an undercount because many do not seek treatment and there isn’t an incentive to report them. The  June 16 blog post has how to avoid getting monkeypox.  It is also good to avoid places that have significant numbers of homosexual people.   

"If this is a trial run post-COVID to see if we are better, I don't think it is going that well," Amesh Adalja, MD, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for Health Security in Baltimore, said in an interview. "The CDC response leaves a lot to be desired. "The slow response to growing monkeypox cases is even more puzzling, Adalja says, because we already had all the tools needed to contain the spread. "This should have been a home run after COVID-19: a not very transmissible disease for which we have off-the-shelf vaccines, off-the-shelf antivirals, and diagnostic tests that already existed," he said.

Medscape Monkeypox Treatment in Limited Supply as Cases Soar

July 18, 2022

Positive COVID tests can continue for months after recovery from covid (CDC): Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 can continue to have detectable SARS-CoV-2 RNA in upper respiratory specimens for up to 3 months after illness onset. However, replication-competent virus has not been reliably recovered from such patients, and they are not likely infectious.

Isolation guidance is 5 days for people who had mild COVID symptoms. Patients just have to wear a mask for another 5 days (CDC): For children and adults with mild, symptomatic COVID-19, isolation can end at least 5 days after symptom onset and after fever ends for 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication) and symptoms are improving, if these people can continue to properly wear a well-fitted mask around others for 5 more days after the 5-day isolation period. Day 0 is the first day of symptoms.

Clinical definition of mild COVID symptoms (NIH): Mild Illness: Individuals who have any of the various signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., fever, cough, sore throat, malaise, headache, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste and smell) but who do not have shortness of breath, dyspnea, or abnormal chest imaging.

CDC reference:

NIH reference:

July 15, 2022

K.T. Laird and others reviewed multiple Mind-Body Therapies (MBT) studies such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, and qigong. These studies confirm that MBT’s are minimally invasive, cost-effective approaches for the management of late-life mood and cognitive disorders. MBTs enhance well-being, mood, sleep, and cognition in older adults. Evidence suggests that mindful movement (e.g., yoga, tai chi, walking meditation) may even outperform conventional physical exercise on quality of life, mood, and cognitive functioning. They did not find any downsides to these therapies. However, other studies have shown that meditation can be a deterrent to mental health if not controlled. Meditation should be led, at least initially, by someone trained as a meditation instructor. Once taught and practiced, the benefits are long-lasting. I was introduced to meditation in Thailand and found it relaxing and mind-clearing. After meditating, I find it easier to focus. Yoga and tai chi are good for balance, flexibility, and mind-clearing.

Laird, K.T., Paholpak, P., Roman, M. et al. Mind-Body Therapies for Late-Life Mental and Cognitive Health. Curr Psychiatry Rep 20, 2 (2018).   

July 11, 2022

Work by Parisien and others found that we were doing the wrong thing by taking aspirin, Ibuprofen, and other NSAIDs. For pain too quickly. Clinical data showed that these anti-inflammatory drugs were associated with an increased risk of persistent pain, suggesting that anti-inflammatory treatments might adversely affect pain duration. (Parisien et al., 2022) To study the chemistry of this effect, they used mice to find the specific healing compound the antipain drug blocked.

Parisien, M., Lima, L. V., Dagostino, C., El-Hachem, N., Drury, G. L., Grant, A. V., … Diatchenko, L. (2022). Acute inflammatory response via neutrophil activation protects against the development of chronic pain. Science Translational Medicine, 14(644).

July 4, 2022

We have not studied COVID-19 long enough to know the long-term effects of the vaccines or the disease. We must do the best with what we have. Two articles from the Journal of the American Medical Society give us what we have. The Edlow paper tells us there is a small but not zero risk of brain damage to the baby when the mother contracts COVID-19 during pregnancy. The Fell article tells us there isn't a statistically significant risk to the baby when a mother has the vaccination. It is best to read the entire papers and make up your own mind.

Andrea G. Edlow Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 1 Year in Infants of Mothers Who Tested Positive for SARS-CoV-2 During JAMA Netw Open. 2022;5(6):e2215787. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2022.15787

Deshayne B. Fell, Association of COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy With Adverse Peripartum Outcomes JAMA. 2022;327(15):1478-1487. oi:10.1001/jama.2022.4255

June 30, 2022

Christopher E Ramsden found the data from a study that had been done in years earlier. This study had never been published because the results were contrary to the prevalent belief that cholesterol caused heart disease. We now have many studies that lower cholesterol increases chance of death. The unsaturated vegetable oils are inflammatory and damage all organs. These damaging fats include linoleic acid which is a corn and soybean unsaturated fatty acid. Replacement with these fatty acids effectively lowers serum cholesterol but does not support the hypothesis that this translates to a lower risk of death from coronary heart disease or all causes. The subjects given the vegetable oil died sooner. BMJ is the British Medical Journal.

Re-evaluation of the traditional diet-heart hypothesis: analysis of recovered data from Minnesota Coronary Experiment (1968-73) Link:

June 22, 2022 Moral compass

​I found this in a Japanese journal. It shows that we come with a moral compass. The babies used were eight months old and did not know any language. Preverbal infants observed a computer system that displayed animations on a screen. If they looked at an object on the screen long enough, the object would be destroyed. When the infants were shown videos showing a character injuring another character, the infants punished the aggressor by staring at the image onscreen and destroying it. (Kanakogi et al., 2022)  

Kanakogi, Y., Miyazaki, M., Takahashi, H., Yamamoto, H., Kobayashi, T., & Hiraki, K. (2022). Third-party punishment by preverbal infants. Nature Human Behaviour. 

June 16, 2022 Monkeypox update

There now have been a total of 1,882 cases confirmed worldwide outside of Africa. We do not know about countries that keep everything a secret like China, North Korea, etc. There is enough case data to see a pattern. The bulk of the cases are in homosexual men. Since it is spread by contact with the secessions from the pox, we should all wash our hands after touching public surfaces before touching our body.

(ECDC, n.d.)ECDC. (n.d.). Epidemiological update: Monkeypox multi-country outbreak. Retrieved June 5, 2022, from

June 12, 2022

We are in the midst of a mental health crisis. Social media is one of the drivers of this disaster. When people post, they are reluctant to give a depressing life story, even when accurate. Most people post that they are doing well, have an exciting, wonderful life, and have loving and supportive friends. Reading these stories is guaranteed to be depressing. I solve this problem by not using social media. My daughter checks social media less often than once a week. Social media would help me keep track of friends, but if I don’t often see someone, I soon find that I don’t care what they are doing. There are many studies on the mental damage done by social media. I reference one below. (Lambert, Barnstable, Minter, Cooper, & McEwan, 2022) I recommend using e-mail or only checking social media once a week or less.

Lambert, J., Barnstable, G., Minter, E., Cooper, J., & McEwan, D. (2022). Taking a One-Week Break from Social Media Improves Well-Being, Depression, and Anxiety: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Https://Home.Liebertpub.Com/Cyber, 25(5), 287–293.

​​June 5, 2022

Monkeypox is next to disrupt the world medical community.  Monkeypox has gone from a disease confined to central Africa to a disease spread worldwide. It has an overall fatality rate of 8.7% in Africa. This fatality rate compares with smallpox, which had a fatality rate of 30%. And COVID-19 has a reported fatality rate of less than 2%. Since many people have COVID-19 and do not have symptoms or don’t go for treatment, the actual fatality rate is much lower. As of May 30, 2022, the monkeypox fatality rate for Europe, North America, and Australia is zero, but there are only 557 cases worldwide outside of Africa. These are all new cases, and some may yet die.

Contact with the puss that comes from the pustules spreads the disease. It is not airborne. In the United States, most of the victims have been male homosexuals. This may not be relevant. The smallpox vaccination is believed to have held down the spread of the virus. The smallpox vaccine provides some protection. Smallpox vaccination has not been practiced for over 30 years. A small quantity of vaccine is available for monkeypox. If there is a significant outbreak, it will take time to produce enough to have an effect.   

My concern is the Wuhan Institute of Virology working on the genetics of the disease. This institution worked on the genetics of the virus that became COVID-19.    

Bunge, E. M., Hoet, B., Chen, L., Lienert, F., Weidenthaler, H., Baer, L. R., & Steffen, R. (2022). The changing epidemiology of human monkeypox—A potential threat? A systematic review. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 16(2).

Epidemiological update: Monkeypox multi-country outbreak. Retrieved June 3, 2022, from

Pub med:

WHO. (n.d.). Multi-country monkeypox outbreak in non-endemic countries. Retrieved May 31, 2022, from

Yang, L., Tian, L., Li, L., Liu, Q., Guo, X., Zhou, Y., … Wang, Y. (2022). Efficient assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox virus genome as a qPCR template using dual-selection-based transformation-associated recombination. Virologica Sinica.
May 30, 2022

Fatty Liver Disease has become an epidemic. 25% of the US population has excess fat in their liver. Excess liver fat soon turns into fibrosis and cirrhosis. There is little warning; the liver does not have pain cells. For someone that is physically active, the warning is fatigue. For someone who is sedentary, there may be death without warning.

We have become addicted to added sugars, including high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, raw sugar, maple syrup, and agave. All of these have at least 45% fructose. Fructose can not be used directly by the body; therefore, it is sent to the liver and converted into fat. Some of this fat is contained by the liver causing NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease). Fructose is what makes fruits and the above products taste sweet. It also causes the hunger signal to be produced by the brain. This addiction to fructose has caused a significant increase in NAFLD. Using Splenda (sucralose) as a substitute is not a good idea; Some of the sucralose degradation products are chlorinated compounds toxic to the liver. I stay away from cookies, desserts, candy, and excess fruit. I find it easy to resist the temptation to consume high fructose foods. The below references describe the details. (Jensen et al., 2018) (Drożdż et al., 2022) (Maurice & Manousou, 2018)

Drożdż, K., Nabrdalik, K., Hajzler, W., Kwiendacz, H., Gumprecht, J., & Lip, G. Y. H. (2022). Metabolic-Associated Fatty Liver Disease (MAFLD), Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease: Associations with Fructose Metabolism and Gut Microbiota.

Jensen, T., Abdelmalek, M. F., Sullivan, S., Nadeau, K. J., Green, M., Roncal, C., … Johnson, R. J. (2018). Fructose and sugar: A major mediator of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Journal of Hepatology,

Maurice, J., & Manousou, P. (2018). Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Clinical Medicine, 18(3), 245.

May 26, 2022

The brain uses 20% of our energy. Glucose is the primary source of energy, with ketone bodies making up a small portion. There have been many theories on the cause of cognitive impairment (loss of ability to remember and think). They include Amyloid, Tau, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, bacteria, and simply normal aging. In all cases, the brain loses the ability to convert glucose to energy, causing cell death. The brain does not lose the ability to use ketone bodies for energy.

Matthew Taylor has done an excellent job of presenting the scientific literature that shows how we can stop and reverse the decline of cognitive ability using diet. Most of the studies are small because drug companies cannot make money by simply changing their diet. There are many controlled studies that show how this can be done. Most of the studies are small because drug companies cannot make money by simply changing their diet.  He presents several examples to show that a ketogenic diet will stop and reverse the decline of cognitive ability. A ketogenic diet limits carbohydrates and maximizes fat as a source of calories. This forces the liver to make ketone bodies from fat, which provides ketone bodies to the brain. A ketogenic diet must be converted slowly to prevent stomach and intestinal upset because the bacteria in our intestines need time to adjust. Reduction of carbohydrates should be done without a significant decrease in dietary fiber.

Dr. Taylor gave examples of four studies that showed improved cognition using ketosis. I have read at least a dozen more studies that demonstrated the same results.  One of the studies used medium-chain triglycerides to increase ketone production. Medium-chain triglycerides are more easily converted to ketone bodies than other plant and animal fats.

I subscribe to Medscape, which is a medical doctor education program. To view the article, skip past the sign-up for the education credits.

​May 21, 2022

Bryn Farnsworth von Cederwald discovered the same things that cause heart disease cause dementia, and other diseases. The Framingham study found an excellent way to predict heart disease, making it a way to predict a range of medical issues, including dementia, Liver disease, and kidney disease. (Cederwald, 2022) Wilson made the Framingham study tables into a program that is easy to access. The limit to using the Wilson program is the upper limit. I am 82 years old, so I put in 79 to make the program work. Since I am over 79, the predicted heart attack risk will be higher than the formula predicts. Use the Wilson program by going to the website and entering your data. The heart attack risk is similar to your dementia risk. It may be a wake-up call.      

Cederwald, B. F. von. (2022). Association of Cardiovascular Risk Trajectory With Cognitive Decline and Incident Dementia. Neurology, 98(20), e2013–e2022.

Wilson, P. W. F. (n.d.). Framingham Risk Score for Hard Coronary Heart Disease - MDCalc. Retrieved May 20, 2022, from

​May 14, 2022

There are four forms of physical training: Strengthening, Endurance (power), Flexibility, and Agility. I am 82 years old and need all four. Without strengthening, we will lose muscle mass and become easily subject to injury. Without endurance (power) training, we will lose heart and lung reserves that enable us to handle difficulties as simple as a slight cold or as violent as a run from a fire. Flexibility training is needed to pick things up, cut our toes, and escape from being trapped by furniture. Agility is required to prevent falling. All four are required. My feet were trapped a few days ago, and I fell onto rocks. There was little pain, and the fall did not change my day. That evening I looked and did find bruises. It did not hurt past the first few seconds. Flexibility and Agility are where I need more effort.
Comparison of Power Training vs Traditional Strength Training on Physical Function in Older Adults, A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis AnoopT.Balachandran,                                                                         Low Relative Skeletal Muscle Mass (Sarcopenia) in Older Persons Is Associated with Functional Impairment and Physical Disability Ian Janssen First published: 28 May 2002 Pub Med 

May 6, 2022

​I keep hearing fruits and vegetables as if they are the same thing. Being eaten is not good for plants. Over the years, plants have developed toxins to prevent being eaten. The toxins are usually specific to the animals that would otherwise eat them. Some toxins are for fungus, some are for bacteria, some are for lizards, some are for birds, some are for insects, and some are for mammals. Plants like broccoli and cabbage have toxins that are good for humans but kill microorganisms. Some, like milkweed, have evolved to be toxic to most organisms, but the monarch butterfly has evolved to be able to live on its juice.

Examples of toxins in vegetables include oxalic acid present in spinach, rhubarb, purslane, and parsley. It can bind with calcium and minerals, making them insoluble and thus reducing their bioavailability. Consumption of foods containing oxalates could cause kidney stones, decreased bone growth, cause renal toxicity, diarrhea, vomiting, convulsions, and coma.

Potatoes have poisonous glycoalkaloids such as solanine and chaconine. These compounds produce toxic effects in animals and insects and help defend from predators. The glycoalkaloids found in all potato tubers are not reduced by cooking and washing. The toxin is concentrated in the skin. The level of solanine and chaconine in potatoes is enough to produce harmful effects in humans.

Fruits, on the other hand, have a different strategy. Microorganisms must not eat the fruit. Fruit must not be eaten until the seeds are developed enough to survive being passed through the vector and deposited with the manure. Once the seeds are developed, the fruit must be tasty and nutritious to the vector. Fruits use fructose, which is addictive, will increase appetite, and lead to overeating. Human cells cannot use fructose; it must be converted to fat by the liver.  An example is the tomato. The leaves, stems, and unripe green fruit of tomato contain steroidal alkaloid tomatine. When consumed, tomatine leads to nervous excitement and digestive upset. The usage of tomato leaves for herbal tea has been responsible for death. Mature tomatoes don’t have any detectable quantity of tomatine.

Seeds contain toxins. The seeds of apple, apricot, plum, bitter almond, and peach contain poisonous cyanogenic glycosides. It is hydrolyzed to hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. Hydrogen cyanide causes cyanide poisoning. Hydrogen cyanide causes a drop in blood pressure, rapid respiration, rapid pulse, headache, dizziness, mental confusion, vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhea, stupor, and convulsion followed by terminal coma. Consumption of a significant quantity of seeds may lead to a fatal dose.

Beans have high levels of toxins. Lotaustralin is a  cyanogenic glycoside found in austral trefoil, cassava, lima bean, and roseroot. It is the glycoside of methyl ethyl ketone cyanohydrins. They form hydrogen cyanide. Most beans are toxic unless processed.  (D, D, A, & I V, 2016)

D, S., D, T., A, S., & I V, A. (2016). A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF NATURAL TOXINS IN FOOD PLANTS. International Journal of Research in Ayurveda & Pharmacy, 7(2), 52–57.

​​May 2, 2022

There are now things that can be done about COVID-19; we now have two antiviral medications, ritonavir-boosted nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid, i.e., nirmatrelvir-ritonavir) and molnupiravir (Lagevrio). They are now available in the US. They are for treating patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 who are not currently hospitalized but are at high risk of developing severe disease. Nirmatrelvir-ritonavir and molnupiravir are approved for use only within five days of onset of COVID-19 symptoms. (Petty & Malani, 2022)

It has also been found that aspirin taken early will reduce the chance of hospitalization. (Osborne et al., 2021) If you suspect COVID-19 and do not have any conditions where bleeding could be of concern. Taking Asprin may reduce the risk of hospitalization.

Osborne, T. F., Veigulis, Z. P., Arreola, D. M., Mahajan, S. M., Roosli, E., & Curtin, C. M. (2021). Association of mortality and aspirin prescription for COVID-19 patients at the Veterans Health Administration. PLoS ONE, 16(2 February).

Petty, L. A., & Malani, P. N. (2022). Oral Antiviral Medications for COVID-19. JAMA.

​April 26, 2022

People in pain have a problem with opioids used to treat the pain. I had a problem with opioids when I had severe back pain. I was unable to think clearly, and I could not do my job. I discontinued the opioids and focused on my job. I was able to keep the pain out of my awareness. This was doing it the hard way. Elman and Borsook describe the common problem with this pain treatment. (Elman & Borsook, 2016)  Garland and associates conducted a randomized clinical trial of Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement. This trial demonstrated sustained efficacy of mindfulness for improving opioid misuse, opioid dosing, and chronic pain symptoms across nine months of follow-up. It is successful and can be used to avoid the problems associated with the continued use of opioids. (Garland 2022)

Elman, I., & Borsook, D. (2016). Common Brain Mechanisms of Chronic Pain and Addiction. Neuron, 89(1), 11–36.

Garland, E. L., Hanley, A. W., Nakamura, Y., Barrett, J. W., Baker, A. K., Reese, S. E., … Donaldson, G. W. (2022). Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement vs Supportive Group Therapy for Co-occurring Opioid Misuse and Chronic Pain in Primary Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Internal Medicine, 182(4), 407–417.

April 23, 2022

Hazelwood and associates found that lifelong obesity was related to endometrial cancer. “for every five extra body mass index...units, there was an 88% increased risk of endometrial cancer.” They identified molecular factors related to body mass index and endometrial cancer risk. The factor most significant was excess adiposity (Belly Fat) and fasting insulin. (Hazelwood et al., 2022)
Hazelwood, E., Sanderson, E., Tan, V. Y., Ruth, K. S., Frayling, T. M., Dimou, N., … Yarmolinsky, J. (2022). Identifying molecular mediators of the relationship between body mass index and endometrial cancer risk: a Mendelian randomization analysis. BMC Medicine 2022 20:1, 20(1), 1–24.

April 19, 2022

​Cardiovascular disease and Colorectal Cancer are increasing causes of death among U.S. adults. These are only two of the ways life expectancy is decreasing. Asprin has been recommended to reduce these diseases. Aspirin clings to red blood cells, lowers oxygen capacity, and prevents clotting. Reducing clotting both the clots in brain arteries causing strokes and the clots in arteries to the heart causing heart attacks are reduced. This reduced clotting also leads to internal bleeding, particularly intestinal bleeding. The United States Preventative Services Task Force found net benefit for adults who meet the following criteria: Aged 50 to 59 years, have a 10% or greater 10-year CVD risk, are not at increased risk for bleeding, have a life expectancy of at least ten years, and are willing to take low-dose aspirin daily for at least ten years.

The current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of initiating aspirin use for the primary prevention of CVD and CRC in adults younger than 50 years or older than 70 years. They recommend only taking aspirin if a doctor recommends it for a specific condition.

April 11, 2022

On my website, I have information on avoiding and recovering from dementia. It is in both blog posts and is in the tab Age Successfully. Dementia was rare and is now common. The bottom line is our need to adopt the lifestyle of our ancestors when dementia was rare or the Amazonian tribe. It is simple: no added sugar, no omega 6 oils like Soybean oil, and moderate exercise.

Only about 1% of members of the Tsimane and Moseten peoples of the Bolivian Amazon suffer from dementia, compared with 11% of people aged 65 and older in the United States. (Staff, 2022)

Staff, M. (n.d.). Amazonian Indigenous Groups Have World’s Lowest Rate of Dementia. Retrieved April 11, 2022, from

April 5, 2022

There have been many studies on sleep and how it affects health. Adequate sleep is essential for health. Perfect quiet is not required, but darkness is. The room should be dark enough that with your eyes closed, you cannot tell if you are waving your hand in front of your face. We can quickly adapt to car traffic or other regular sounds. Lights in the early evening should be red-shifted, and lights in the morning should be blue-shifted. This pattern of lights tells our brain that it is time to sleep in the night and get up in the morning. Many computers automatically redshift the light on the screen in the evening. Below is one on sleep and weight. (Watson et al., 2015) The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society. Has sponsored many studies that demonstrate inadequate sleep increases cancer, heart disease, and many other health problems. (Tasali, Wroblewski, Kahn, Kilkus, & Schoeller, 2022)

Tasali, E., Wroblewski, K., Kahn, E., Kilkus, J., & Schoeller, D. A. (2022). Effect of Sleep Extension on Objectively Assessed Energy Intake Among Adults With Overweight in Real-life Settings: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Internal Medicine, 182(4), 365–374.

Watson, N. F., Badr, M. S., Belenky, G., Bliwise, D. L., Buxton, O. M., Buysse, D., … Heald, J. L. (2015). Recommended amount of sleep for a healthy adult: A joint consensus statement of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society. Sleep, 38(6), 843–844.

April 4, 2022

Over 140 million people in the US have had the COVID-19 virus; this is over 40% of the population. The rate as of mid-February was 500,000 people a day contracting the disease. We are all going to get it sooner or later. As described in my February 24 post, it will become like the influenza virus. (Bajema et al., 2021)

Bajema, K. L., Wiegand, R. E., Cuffe, K., Patel, S. V., Iachan, R., Lim, T., … Edens, C. (2021). Estimated SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence in the US as of September 2020. JAMA Internal Medicine, 181(4), 450–460.

March 28, 2022

I have read many studies showing the benefit of daily taking a multivitamin. It is impossible to obtain all the vitamins and minerals needed each day. The multivitamin supplement provides at least some of the required substances. They do not offer enough Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, vitamin C, or vitamin D. These must be provided in the diet or supplements. Below is a recent study by Jill Hahn. Other studies have shown positive effects on cardiovascular health and other conditions.

"Our study provides new evidence that daily multivitamin supplementation may benefit cognitive function in older women and men, and the multivitamin effects may be more pronounced in participants with cardiovascular disease."(Hahn, n.d.)

Hahn, J. (n.d.). Multivitamins, but Not Cocoa, Tied to Slowed Brain Aging. Retrieved March 26, 2022, from

March 22, 2022

We must exercise to some extent every day. This can be walking for 30 minutes or using the gym equipment for 30 minutes. At least three times a week, the exercise should be vigorous enough to cause rapid breathing. If you have health problems or are obese, it is not good to start immediately but work up to 30 minutes and three times a week vigorous activity. If you have been sitting for a long time, a doctor should be consulted on how quickly to reach this minimum activity level. Without sufficient activity, cancer (Moore et al., 2016) and heart disease (Wilmot et al., 2012) chance increase.

Moore, S. C., Lee, I. M., Weiderpass, E., Campbell, P. T., Sampson, J. N., Kitahara, C. M., … Patel, A. V. (2016). Association of leisure-time physical activity with risk of 26 types of cancer in 1.44 million adults. JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(6), 816–825.

Wilmot, E. G., Edwardson, C. L., Achana, F. A., Davies, M. J., Gorely, T., Gray, L. J., … Biddle, S. J. H. (2012). Sedentary time in adults and the association with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and death: Systematic review and meta-analysis. Diabetologia, 55(11), 2895–2905.

March 14, 2022

​Epidemiological studies compare population members to see if any statistically relevant factors are correlated. For example, it is possible to look at voters in Duval County, Florida, and compare lung cancer rates of smokers to nonsmokers. A study of the relationship of alcohol consumption to lung cancer would find a correlation. This could be published, and cigarette manufacturers would quote it to divert attention away from the danger of cigarettes. This would be wrong since cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are correlated. This is how the bad advice ends up in popular and scientific literature. Lesser and others found that studies funded by manufacturers of food and beverage products never show the adverse effects of their sponsor's product.

           Another example is Omega 3 oils. Diener and associates examined studies of Omega 3 oils; they found epidemiologic studies suggesting that omega-3 acids may have a benefit: cardiovascular disease, lipid disorders, type 2 diabetes, cancer, the tolerability of chemotherapy, Alzheimer's disease, depression, heart failure, lumbar disk prolapse, menopausal difficulties and premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, periodontitis, retinopathy, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. On careful analysis, all were found to be of no benefit for these conditions. It takes clinical and biochemical studies to confirm any benefit before taking action on these studies.

Diener, H.-C. (n.d.). Time to Cut Bait on Omega-3's Neuroprotective Claims. Retrieved March 13, 2022, from

Lesser, L. I., Ebbeling, C. B., Goozner, M., Wypij, D., & Ludwig, D. S. (2007). Relationship between Funding Source and Conclusion among Nutrition-Related Scientific Articles. PLoS Medicine, 4(1), 0041–0046.

March 7, 2022

For Alzheimer's disease prevention and cure:

Read the Cunnane papers and the Seneff paper, to understand the principles of changing the brain from glucose fuel to ketone fuel. We need to provide the medium chain fatty acids that can be converted to ketones and reduce glucose availability to force the conversion. The conversion happens when in or partially in ketosis. This treatment is based on the theory that the brain loses its ability to use glucose and does not lose its ability to use ketones for energy. The brain can grow more cells and more synapses, but this is slow. It is important that this treatment be started early before a significant part of the brain is lost. If Cunnane is right, amyloid and tau proteins can be thought of as brain scar tissue and not the cause of the problem.

Any attempt to cure Alzheimer’s will only work if the subject has a reason to be intellectually active. There needs to be life purpose or life goals. If the subject is simply in a retirement facility waiting to die, they have no incentive to improve their intellectually capacity. Without life purpose, why not have Alzheimer’s, in later stages it is less stressful.

The Alzheimer’s cure will cure diabetes first. This is the first step and will reduce insulin that would will prevent ketone metabolism. 

Take two tablespoons of MCT oil three time a day.  MCT oil can have a laxative effect and can cause digestive upset. It may need to be added incrementally.

Use coconut oil, lard or Tallow for cooking.

Take 3 grams of Turmeric each day to clear amyloid plaque proteins from the brain. This is a high dose of turmeric compared to the lifelong plan.

Eat two eggs a day to increase cholesterol availability.

Eliminate added sugars to reduce A1c and Eliminate potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, corn, bread, carrots, beets, and other starchy foods. 

Eat 50 grams of protein a day. This is about two McDonalds patties. An egg has 7 grams of protein. Nuts are from 18 to 25% protein and beans are 8 to 12% protein

Take an omega 3 oil supplement that has DHA.

Reduce carbohydrates to less than 10% of calories while maintaining fiber intake.

Physical exercise and mental exercise are needed to exercise the brain. Both physical and mental exercise encourage new brain cell formation and synapse formation.

Use intermittent fasting to clear inactive proteins and mitochondria.  I recommend 18 hours a day fasting. I fast from 6:00PM to Noon the next day.

This diet may be needed for months to slowly bring back lost cognitive function. Because glucose metabolism has been lost this diet may be needed forever.

Cunnane, S. C., Courchesne-Loyer, A., St-Pierre, V., Vandenberghe, C., Pierotti, T., Fortier, M., … Castellano, C. A. (2016). Can ketones compensate for deteriorating brain glucose uptake during aging? Implications for the risk and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1367(1), 12–20.

Seneff, S., Wainwright, G., & Mascitelli, L. (2011, April 1). Nutrition and Alzheimer’s disease: The detrimental role of a high carbohydrate diet. European Journal of Internal Medicine. Elsevier B.V.

March 3, 2022

Red meat and processed red meat have been linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. This belief comes from studies funded mainly by vegan and vegetarian organizations. Colon cancer likelihood was the focus of most of these studies. Erin L. Van Blarigan and others published their study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They showed that red meat and processed meat did not increase the risk of dying or reoccurrence of colon cancer in subjects that had or have colon cancer. Since these subjects are the most vulnerable, this is a good reason to discount any vegan and vegetarian-funded studies. Meat is good for you in an amount that provides sufficient protein. (Van Blarigan et al., 2022)

Van Blarigan, E. L., Ou, S., Bainter, T. M., Fuchs, C. S., Niedzwiecki, D., Zhang, S., … Meyerhardt, J. A. (2022). Associations Between Unprocessed Red Meat and Processed Meat With Risk of Recurrence and Mortality in Patients With Stage III Colon Cancer. JAMA Network Open, 5(2), e220145–e220145.

March 2, 2022

​Over 140 million people in the US have had the COVID-19 virus; this is over 40% of the population. The rate as of mid-February was 500,000 people a day contracting the disease. We are all going to get it sooner or later. As described in my February 24 post, it will become like the influenza virus. (Bajema et al., 2021)

Bajema, K. L., Wiegand, R. E., Cuffe, K., Patel, S. V., Iachan, R., Lim, T., … Edens, C. (2021). Estimated SARS-CoV-2 Seroprevalence in the US as of September 2020. JAMA Internal Medicine, 181(4), 450–460.

February 24, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has been made worse by the arrogant scientists and the power intoxicated politicians. The scientists made statements that were not true or did not have good data to back up these statements. The politicians believed that they could use their power to solve the problem. As a result, the population does not believe anyone and is suspicious of any mandate.

The truth is masks are partially effective. If everyone wears them, the transmission is reduced by about 60%. This sounds good, but 40% is still significant. The vaccine does have side effects. One of the worst is myocarditis, inflammation of the heart's lining. The vaccine can also cause seizures. I had a seizure, and two other people I know also had a seizure because of the vaccine. Myocarditis most affects young men. (Oster et al., 2022)

 Other side effects would be expected to be more prevalent in those older and less healthy subjects. In my August 6, 2021 blog post, I predicted the virus's progression from deadly to less deadly and increased transmission. Both have happened. The latest variant is less lethal; symptoms occur after the virus load peaks, and 40% of the victims do not show symptoms. The vaccine loses effectiveness over time. We will all get the virus or have had it and do not know it. People who have been vaccinated are less likely to require hospitalization and have a near-zero chance of dying.

The bottom line is that we will get the virus sooner or later. We need to make up our own minds on getting the vaccine. In my opinion, it is worth the risk of the vaccine side effects to do better when we get the virus.

Oster, M. E., Shay, D. K., Su, J. R., Gee, J., Creech, C. B., Broder, K. R., … Shimabukuro, T. T. (2022). Myocarditis Cases Reported After mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccination in the US From December 2020 to August 2021. JAMA, 327(4), 331–340.

February 14, 0222

This post is a reinforcement of my February 6 article.

Carrie M. Elks & Joseph Francis found that metabolic syndrome (MetS) caused general inflammation, increasing the risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. (Elks & Francis, 2010) MetS damages all organs. Fructose causes abdominal fat that contributes to this inflammation. Sonia S. Anand and colleagues discovered that abdominal fat was a cause of loss of cognitive function. (Anand et al., 2022) Periodontal disease (Idrissi Janati, Karp, Latulippe, Charlebois, & Emami, 2022) and certain species of intestinal bacteria (Meyer et al., 2022) were associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Both of these are associated with diet. Diets that promote gingivitis and an imbalance of intestinal bacteria are also those that cause MetS.

Anand, S. S., Friedrich, M. G., Lee, D. S., Awadalla, P., Després, J. P., Desai, D., … Investigators, C. A. of H. H. and M. (CAHHM) and the P. U. and R. E. (PURE) S. (2022). Evaluation of Adiposity and Cognitive Function in Adults. JAMA Network Open, 5(2), e2146324–e2146324.

Elks, C. M., & Francis, J. (2010). Central adiposity, systemic inflammation, and the metabolic syndrome. Current Hypertension Reports, 12(2), 99–104.

Idrissi Janati, A., Karp, I., Latulippe, J.-F., Charlebois, P., & Emami, E. (2022). Periodontal disease as a risk factor for sporadic colorectal cancer: results from COLDENT study. Cancer Causes & Control, 33(3), 463–472.

Meyer, K., Lulla, A., Debroy, K., Shikany, J. M., Yaffe, K., Meirelles, O., & Launer, L. J. (2022). Association of the Gut Microbiota With Cognitive Function in Midlife. JAMA Network Open, 5(2), e2143941–e2143941.

February 6, 2022

​Alzheimer’s disease is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer. In 1906, Dr. Alzheimer noticed changes in the brain tissue of a woman who had died of an unusual mental illness.
Alzheimer’s has been studied with microscopes and other scientific equipment. I studied it with a wide-angle lens. Alzheimer’s disease was rare and is now common and becoming a pandemic. As a good scientist, I ask what has changed.
Our genetics have not changed.
We are getting older, which would explain a small part of the increase.
We are sitting more and watching TV or on a computer.
Smoking has declined. That should not increase Alzheimer’s
We are consuming a great deal of added sugars that include fructose.

Our disease increase correlates with the increased intake of added sugars, including sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, agave, and honey. If we count all of the sugars in ketchup and processed foods two hundred years ago, the average American ate only 2 pounds of added sugar a year.

Added sugar consumption
1814 -   2 pounds per year
1970 -   123 pounds per year
2014 -   152 pounds per year

Consuming 152 pounds of added sugar in one year is nearly 3 pounds per week or 4/10 of a pound a day.   (NH Health, 2014)

We are also consuming Omega 6 seed oils. These oils cause inflammation that damages all tissue, including the heart, brain, kidneys, and pituitary.

Consumption of Omega 6 oils in Kilograms per person per year

                                1814       1909       1999       Percent increase
Soybean                 0              0.01        11.6        116,300
Canola1                  0              0.01        0.8          16,700
Safflower3             0              0.04        0.05           25
Cottonseed            0              0.4          0.31          −21

 Brain glucose uptake is impaired in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). A key question is whether cognitive decline can be delayed if this brain energy defect is partly corrected or bypassed early in the disease. The principal ketones (also called ketone bodies), β-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate, are the brain’s primary physiological alternative fuel to glucose. Three studies in mild-to-moderate AD have shown that brain ketone uptake is not different from that in healthy age-matched controls, unlike with glucose. Published clinical trials demonstrate that increasing ketone availability to the brain via moderate nutritional ketosis has a  beneficial effect on cognitive outcomes in mild-to-moderate AD and mild cognitive impairment. Nutritional ketosis can be safely achieved by a high-fat ketogenic diet, by supplements providing 20–70 g/day of medium-chain triglycerides containing the eight- and ten-carbon fatty acids octanoate and decanoate, or by ketone esters. Given the acute dependence of the brain on its energy supply, it seems reasonable that the development of therapeutic strategies aimed at AD mandates consideration of how the underlying problem of deteriorating brain fuel supply can be corrected or delayed. 

Trials using medium-chain-triglycerides and reducing sugar and other carbohydrates have successfully halted and reversed cognitive decline. 

Physical and mental exercises are not effective in preventing a decline in cognitive function. There are no drugs that have been shown to stop and reverse the decline.

Age successfully pages 135-136 provides the diet to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

Age Successfully Second Edition: Black, Robert Harrison: 9798646852916: Pages 117-121 and 135-136 Books. (2020). Retrieved February 6, 2022, from

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February 2, 2022

Medscape is an education site for doctors to obtain education credits for their licenses. I  read it every day and sometimes take the course for my non-existent doctor’s license. The latest was a course that covered vitamin D3. The study was given by Pam R. Taub, MD, FACC, FASPC; JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH, MACP; Michael F. Holick, MD, Ph.D. Vitamin D is needed by every cell. Vitamin D regulates cellular growth and a variety of genes. As a result, many association studies have related vitamin D deficiency with increased risk for autoimmune disorders like type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, and increased risk for cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive dysfunction, infectious diseases, and some malignancies. Adequate vitamin D caused a statistically significant 13% reduction in cancer death. They did an intervention trial and took vitamin D–deficient and D–insufficient adults and gave them 600, 4000, or 10,000 units a day; they saw no toxicity. They think that following the Endocrine Society practice guidelines is reasonable. They recommend for all adults 1500-2000 units a day. They recognize that if you’re obese, you need two to three times more. For one of the doctor’s patients, he typically has them on 3000-5000 units a day.(Wilkinson et al., 2020)

January 28, 2022

Dr. Pedro F. Saint-Maurice and others studied how physical activity could affect deaths. They studied 4840 participants and found that increasing physical activity by 10, 20, or 30 minutes per day was associated with a 6.9%, 13.0%, and 16.9% decrease in deaths per year.

Adding 10 minutes per day of physical activity resulted in an estimated 111 174 preventable deaths per year in the general population.  

For 20 minutes 209, 459  preventable deaths

for 30 minutes 272 297 preventable deaths (Saint-Maurice et al., 2022)

Dr. Chao (Cao, Friedenreich, & Yang, 2022)and others looked at the association of Daily Sitting Time and Leisure-Time Physical Activity With Survival Among US Cancer Survivors. They found that a longer sitting time per day was associated with an increased chance of cancer reoccurrence.

Amanda E. Paluch studied steps per Day and All-Cause Mortality in Middle-aged Adults. They found that higher daily step volume was associated with a lower risk of premature all-cause mortality among Black and White middle-aged women and men. (Paluch et al., 2021)

Exercise is important, but diet is also required

Cao, C., Friedenreich, C. M., & Yang, L. (2022). Association of Daily Sitting Time and Leisure-Time Physical Activity With Survival Among US Cancer Survivors. JAMA Oncology.

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​January 21, 2022

​​The Journal of the American Medical Association has a worth while article that shows how the country should make a new normal. It is too long for the blog but is a good read. Just go to this link:

January 19, 2022

Writing in Ageing Research Reviews, Nicola Veronese showed that influenza vaccination was associated with a significantly lower risk of dementia. He suggested vaccination of older people against influenza may also aid in the prevention of dementia. COVID-19 is an upper respiratory infection like influenza. It may be that protection from COVID-19 may also reduce dementia. (Veronese et al., 2022)

Veronese, N., Demurtas, J., Smith, L., Michel, J. P., Barbagallo, M., Bolzetta, F., … Maggi, S. (2022). Influenza vaccination reduces dementia risk: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Ageing Research Reviews, 73, 101534.

January 12, 2022

Doctor Dara Abraham wrote a good list of reasons doctors should give their patients why they should get the COVID-19 vaccine. Even though I had a bad reaction to both the second injection and the booster, I believe that getting vaccinated is good. His list is below:

If you are not vaccinated, this virus will find you within the next few weeks and likely lead to severe symptoms.

Long-haul symptoms from COVID-19 infection are still possible even for people who contract a milder case of the Omicron variant.

The monoclonal antibody and antiviral treatments recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for pre-exposure prevention of COVID-19 are limited. For many reasons, now is not the best time to play Russian roulette and intentionally get infected with a "mild" variant.

There are not enough testing sites or over-the-counter rapid COVID tests available to keep up with the demand, and the latter is cost-prohibitive for many people.

During the next few weeks, emergency care for unforeseen non–COVID-related illnesses, such as a sudden heart attack or stroke, may be affected by the shortage of medical providers because of illness, quarantine, and burnout.

There will be fewer first responders, including EMTs, police officers, and firefighters, because of COVID quarantines from illness and exposure.

Although most Americans oppose temporary shutdowns, de facto shutdowns might be necessary because of the absence of healthy, COVID-negative individuals to maintain a functional society.

Omicron math is deceiving, since the risk of hospitalization with Omicron appears to be far lower than with the Delta variant. However, the higher volume of infections with Omicron will offset the lower severity leading to comparable hospitalizations.

Omicron has made it difficult for some schools to reopen after the holiday break, and reopening might become even more difficult as the surge progresses. Many schools already were in desperate need of substitute teachers, bus drivers, and additional staff necessary for COVID safety precautions before the emergence of the Omicron variant.

And, for a less altruistic reason, as if the nine reasons above weren't enough. Suppose infections continue, especially among the unvaccinated where the virus mutates the most. In that case, this can lead to a trifecta variant that evades the immune system and is highly infectious, and causes severe disease in both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. (Dara, n.d.)

Dara, A. (n.d.). 10 Reasons Why a "Small" Virus Could Cause Big Problems. Retrieved January 12,2022, from 

January 7, 2022

This blog entry is number two in a sequence on how we can prevent cognitive decline and reverse it in the early stages. In the Medscape Friday, January 7, 2022 issue JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH, reposted on a study now in process on how multivitamins may slow cognitive aging in older adults. The underlying hypothesis that multivitamins benefit cognition stems from evidence that essential nutrient deficiencies in B12, folate, vitamin D, and other micronutrients have been linked to accelerated cognitive decline and dementia in observational studies. (Manson, n.d.) We now have enough data to recommend everyone take multivitamins.  

Manson, J. A. (n.d.). Multivitamins Slow Cognitive Aging in Older Adults. Retrieved January 6, 2022, from

 December 31, 2021

Intermittent fasting
Most clinical studies are funded by food companies, drug companies, or organizations with an agenda like vegetarian organizations.  These funding sources make it hard to get to the truth.  The things that increase the chance of Alzheimer’s, Heart disease, and many health declines attributed to aging can be prevented without drugs but only require simple lifestyle changes.  Intermittent fasting is simple and does not enrich drug or food companies.  Most people spend their day eating carbohydrates that fuel their muscles and brain with sugar.  Every time their blood sugar goes low, they experience hunger pains.  Patikorn et al., 2021 and Patterson et al., 2015 have many references worth reading.  I am 82 years old; I ride my bicycle and work out most days.  I stay healthy by fasting 18 hours a day.  I only eat between Noon and 6:00 PM.  It is not hard to do.  After 12 hours, it is 6:00 AM, and my body chemistry is using fat for fuel and is using autophagy to clear cells that are not working as they should.  I don’t have any hunger pains.  For the next six hours, my liver is making ketones from fat.  These ketones provide an optimum fuel for my brain and muscles.  I like to exercise while fasting because fat burning is efficient and provides optimum energy.  When it is Noon, I usually need reminding to eat.  Some people find skipping a day or days as easy to do.  I don’t recommend it because we need a constant source of protein to prevent sarcopenia.      

Patikorn, C., Roubal, K., Veettil, S. K., Chandran, V., Pham, T., Yeong, ;, … Chaiyakunapruk, N. (2021). Intermittent Fasting and Obesity-Related Health Outcomes: An Umbrella Review of Meta-analyses of Randomized Clinical Trials.  JAMA Network Open, 4(12), e2139558–e2139558.

Patterson, R. E., Laughlin, G. A., LaCroix, A. Z., Hartman, S. J., Natarajan, L., Senger, C. M., … Gallo, L. C. (2015).  Intermittent Fasting and Human Metabolic Health.  Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 115(8), 1203–1212.

December 24, 2021

When I first heard of a study linking Gum disease with Alzheimer’s disease, I thought, of course, people with Alzheimer’s disease forget to brush their teeth. Later fundamental biochemical research has shown that it is true. The gingivitis bacteria can get in through the gums and travel to the brain. Clearing the infection is shown to improve brain functioning.  Brushing, rinsing, and flossing are not only good for your teeth and breath but are also good for your brain. (Anderson, n.d.)

Anderson, P. (n.d.). Gum Disease Bacteria a New Treatment Target for Alzheimer’s? Retrieved November 25, 2021, from

December 18, 2021

Qiuyue Ma and others did a review of 29 776 306 test reports. They found that .25% of those tested and 40% of those tested positive were asymptomatic. This data means if you randomly encounter 1,000 people next week, two or more will have COVID-19, and neither of you will know it. Some of the data was before the latest variant that is more likely to spread and more likely to be asymptomatic. (Ma et al., 2021)     In a study of 306 710 members of Maccabi Healthcare Services who were 40 years and older. They found that the chance of contracting COVID-19 was 6.6% with two doses, and with the three doses, the chance was 1.8%  (Patalon et al., 2021). These results were as I predicted in my August 6, 2021 post. The bottom line: If you are in good health, get all three shots and live your life without fear. If you get the virus, it will be mild and perhaps asymptomatic. If you have a morbidity factor like diabetes, are obese, or have another factor get the three shots and do what is necessary to fix your morbidity.     

Ma, Q., Liu, J., Liu, Q., Kang, L., Liu, R., Jing, W., … Liu, M. (2021). Global Percentage of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infections Among the Tested Population and Individuals With Confirmed COVID-19 Diagnosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. JAMA Network Open, 4(12), e2137257–e2137257.

Patalon, T., Gazit, S., Pitzer, V. E., Prunas, O., Warren, J. L., Weinberger, D. M., … Sagol, K. (2021). Odds of Testing Positive for SARS-CoV-2 Following Receipt of 3 vs 2 Doses of the BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine. JAMA Internal Medicine.

December 11, 2021

This post is about our financial health, not physical health. I would avoid Chinese stocks. They pay little or no dividends, and as far as I can see, no money will ever come out of China. The country is corrupt, and there is no way to know a companies financials. There is a risk of Chinese companies being delisted by the American stock exchanges.

An example is Alibaba, with the ticker symbol BABA. The company does not pay a dividend, and there isn't a way to see where their profit is going. The market value is $331 Billion. The company president said something that the communist party did not like and hasn't been seen in public since. The stock has been down since $309 per share in October 2020. It is now $125. They market products made by slave labor, so I can't buy their products for ethical reasons. We need to Runaway from Chinese products and stocks. 

December 7, 2021

Nicola P. Klein and others published a study of risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccination in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It is challenging to study the risk associated with the vaccination. In most clinical studies, subjects are randomly assigned to the standard treatment or the trial treatment. The trial treatment is believed to be better.  Some subjects will die with any treatment, and some will have medical problems. Some subjects will die without any treatment, and some will have medical problems.  After the study, we can analyze the results statistically to see the difference. A funeral home only sees those that die.  It is unethical to treat either group with a treatment not as good as the standard treatment. For vaccine giving a placebo to one group would not be ethical. Dr. Klein's team did the best by using records from institutions that provided the vaccine and also medical care. This way, they could capture all of the vaccine's adverse effects.  They looked at the results of the virus shortly after the vaccine and later when the effects were less likely to have an impact. They found that there was no significant difference between the two groups. The vaccine did not cause medical problems, including acute myocardial infarction, Bell palsy, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, myocarditis/pericarditis, pulmonary embolism, stroke, and thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome. 2

December 3, 2021

Mahshid Dehghan and others investigated the role of fats and carbohydrates in deaths and heart disease. The number of subjects was large enough that there were  5796 deaths and 4784 major cardiovascular disease events during the study. They found that higher carbohydrate consumption was associated with a greater chance of deaths, and higher fat consumption was associated with a lower chance of deaths.  They found that saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, and polyunsaturated fat were equally associated with a lower chance of dying.  Higher consumption of saturated fats was associated with a lower chance of stroke.

Dehghan, M., Mente, A., Zhang, X., Swaminathan, S., Li, W., Mohan, V., … Mapanga, R. (2017). Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five continents (PURE): a prospective cohort study. The Lancet, 390(10107), 2050–2062.

November 23, 2021

Stop brain loss

The brain uses 20% of our energy. Glucose is the primary source of energy, with ketone bodies usually making up about 5%. There have been many theories on the cause of cognitive impairment (loss of ability to remember and think). The proposed causes include Amyloid, Tau, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, bacteria, and simply normal aging. In all cases, the brain loses the ability to convert glucose to energy, causing cell death. The brain does not lose the ability to use ketone bodies for energy.

Matthew Taylor has done an excellent job of presenting the scientific literature that shows how we can stop and reverse the decline of cognitive ability using diet. There are many controlled studies that show how this can be done. Most of these studies are small because drug companies cannot make money simply recommending a diet change.  He presents several examples to show that a ketogenic diet will stop and reverse the decline of cognitive ability. A ketogenic diet limits carbohydrates and maximizes fat as a source of calories. This forces the liver to make ketone bodies from fat, which provides ketone bodies to the brain. Patients must slowly convert to a ketogenic diet to prevent stomach and intestinal upset because the bacteria in our intestines need time to adjust. Reduction of carbohydrates should be done without a significant decrease in dietary fiber.

Dr. Taylor gave examples of four studies that showed improved cognition using ketosis. I have read at least a dozen more studies that demonstrated the same results.  One of the studies he referenced used medium-chain triglycerides to increase ketone production. Medium-chain triglycerides are more easily converted to ketone bodies than other plant and animal fats. I replace the oil in Ken’s Simple Vinaigrette dressing with Medium-chain triglycerides oil.

The link is to Medscape, which is a medical doctor education program I receive. To view the article, skip past the sign-up for the education credits.

November 20, 2021

COVID-19 has taken its toll, but we still are losing more to heart disease and cancer. Many people who succumbed to COVID-19 only died because they had heart disease and cancer. The chart below shows deaths per year in thousands.

Year                                                       2015       2016      2017    2018      2019       2020

Total deaths                                        2,712       2,744     2,813   2,839     2,854      3,358                    

Heart Dsease                                         633          635        647        655     659         690  

Cancer                                                     595          598        599       599      599         598

COVID-16                                                                                                                          345

Unintentional injuries                            146         161         169     167       173          192

Stroke                                                         140         142         146     147       150         150

Alzheimer's                                                110         116         121     122       121         133

Diabetes                                                      79            80          83        84         87          110

The population of the United States continues to age, so some of the higher death rates are simply due to having an older population. It does not explain the magnitude shown above. Our life expectancy is declining. Even before the COVID-16, life expectancy has gone down. For example, it was 78.9 years in 2014 and 78.7 years in 2018. At least one-half of the deaths from heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s, and diabetes are caused by added sugar, nutrition deficiencies, and a sedentary lifestyle.  We could live longer lives if we stopped eating sweets, ate more dietary fiber, turned off the computer games, cell phones, and the TV.  I was on jury duty last week. During the breaks, I walked up and down the hall while the others sat and stared at their cell phones.

Ahmad, F. B., & Anderson, R. N. (2021). The Leading Causes of Death in the US for 2020. JAMA, 325(18), 1829–1830.

Venkataramani, A. S., O’Brien, R., & Tsai, A. C. (2021). Declining Life Expectancy in the United States: The Need for Social Policy as Health Policy. JAMA, 325(7), 621–622.

November 13, 2021

There are many artificial sweeteners on the market. They are described in my book  Age Successfully. This piece is focused on sucralose, which is the active ingredient in Splenda. Sucralose was initially developed as an insecticide. It was not successful because it was not biodegradable enough and not sufficiently toxic to insects.  It was accidentally found to be sweet. There has been no incentive for researchers to discover the problems with sucralose.  Scientists have been able to show the toxic and cancer risks. Schiffman and others reported epidemiological studies that demonstrated that sucralose use increased the risk for metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. They also showed sucralose use led to weight gain. Sucralose interacts with drugs: depending on the drug, it may increase or decrease the drug effect. The degradation products of sucralose are both toxic and cancer-causing.  Sucralose causes reductions and imbalances in the composition of intestinal bacteria. Bacteria reduction plays a role in numerous medical conditions, including allergies, gastric cancer, Crohn's disease, obesity, and inflammatory bowel disease. Finally, heating sucralose causes decomposition to form toxic and cancer-causing compounds.  (Schiffman & Rother, 2013)  

Dalenberg and others found sucralose elevated glucose and insulin levels in a small study of obese women at increased risk for further weight gain and development of diabetes. They also found an overall reduction of the existing intestinal bacteria. Beneficial bacteria, including lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, were disproportionately affected compared to pathogenic bacteria, including enterobacteria. (Dalenberg et al., 2020)

In conclusion, Splenda is not splendid but a serious detriment to good health.

Dalenberg, J. R., Patel, B. P., Denis, R., Veldhuizen, M. G.Nakamura,Y., Vinke, P. C., … Small, D. M. (2020). Short-Term Consumption of Sucralose with, but Not without, Carbohydrate Impairs Neural and Metabolic Sensitivity to Sugar in Humans. Cell Metabolism, 31(3), 493-502.e7.

Schiffman, S. S., & Rother, K. I. (2013). Sucralose, A Synthetic Organochlorine Sweetener: Overview Of Biological Issues. Http://Dx.Doi.Org/10.1080/10937404.2013.842523, 16(7), 399–451.  

November 9, 2021

​​We now know more about the COVID-19 virus. The Maderna vaccine mRNA-1273 protects longer than  BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) but, both provide a substantial reduction in the risk of hospitalization. Unvaccinated who are known to have the COVID-19 virus have a hospitalization rate of  83.6 per 100 000 compared with 4.5 per 100 000 for fully vaccinated persons. The hospitalized persons are mainly patients that also have diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer under treatment or other disease.  We know that persons with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or other conditions are more likely to contract COVID-19. A risk factor known from the beginning is low vitamin D and low Zinc. (Klompas, 2021) (Tenforde et al., 2021) Even though Vitamin D and Zinc reduce the probability of catching COVID-19, they are not an effective treatment.

Klompas, M. (2021). Understanding Breakthrough Infections Following mRNA SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination. JAMA.

Tenforde, M. W., Self, W. H., Adams, K., Gaglani, M., Ginde, A. A., McNeal, T., … Network, I. and O. V. in the A. I. (IVY). (2021). Association Between mRNA Vaccination and COVID-19 Hospitalization and Disease Severity. JAMA.

November 2, 2021

​This time of year, we hear advertisements for Zinc nasal sprays and Zinc lozenges for preventing and shortning the duration of seasonal upper respiratory infections. It turns out they do work, and it is not all just advertisement.  Two groups reviewed the clinical studies to see if they would work and if there could be any adverse effects.  They both found good statistical data that showed their effectiveness. They did not find adverse effects. Some people in the studies quit. Both the prevention and shortening of the duration were modest, but I believe using these products is worthwhile for those who acquire colds quickly and tend to have unpleasant aftereffects.

Hemilä, H. (2011). Zinc lozenges may shorten the duration of colds: a systematic review. Open Respir Med J, 5(1), 51–58.

Hunter, J., Arentz, S., Goldenberg, J., Yang, G., Beardsley, J., Myers, S. P., … Leeder, S. (2021). Zinc for the prevention or treatment of acute viral respiratory tract infections in adults: a rapid systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. BMJ Open, 11(11), e047474.

October 26, 2021

While on a cruise last week, I saw that there were many people still smoking cigarettes. Unless you are illiterate and living under a rock, you know smoking is crippling and deadly. Stopping is hard for most people; drug addicts report it is harder to quit cigarettes than heroin. Quitting is a test of will. Some things can help: Nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, and varenicline are available and sometimes recommended. (Pierce et al., 2021)

In the Journal of the American Medical Association, Pierce reported that switching to e-cigarettes was not associated with helping smokers remain abstinent from cigarettes. The evidence suggested that recent former smokers' switching to alternate tobacco products may be associated with an increased risk of a relapse to cigarette smoking.

Faber and associates developed the recommended treatment for the American Thoracic Society. The recommended therapy used varenicline along with counseling. (Farber et al., 2020)

Quitting will be challenging, but it is worth it. Find a reason like for your children or grandchildren. Put the cost of cigarettes in a saving account and watch it grow. Find a reason and stay busy. Stop going to places where you smoked. Find what works for you.

Farber, H. J., Leone, F. T., Cruz-Lopes, L., EakiN, M. N., Evins, A. E., Evers-Casey, S., … Zhu, M. (2020). Initiating pharmacologic treatment in tobacco-dependent adults an official American thoracic society clinical practice guideline. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 202(2), E5–E31.

Pierce, J. P., Chen, R., Kealey, S., Leas, E. C., White, M. M., Stone, M. D., … Messer, K. (2021). Incidence of Cigarette Smoking Relapse Among Individuals Who Switched to e-Cigarettes or Other Tobacco Products. JAMA Network Open, 4(10), e2128810–e2128810.

October 21,2021

Cardiovascular disease and Colorectal Cancer are increasing causes of death among U.S. adults. These are only two of the ways life expectancy is decreasing. Asprin has been recommended to reduce these diseases. Aspirin clings to red blood cells, lowers oxygen capacity, and prevents clotting. Reducing clotting both the clots in brain arteries causing strokes and the clots in arteries to the heart causing heart attacks are reduced. This reduced clotting also leads to internal bleeding, particularly intestinal bleeding. The United States Preventative Services Task Force found net benefit for adults who meet the following criteria: Aged 50 to 59 years, have a 10% or greater 10-year CVD risk, are not at increased risk for bleeding, have a life expectancy of at least ten years, and are willing to take low-dose aspirin daily for at least ten years.

The current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of initiating aspirin use for the primary prevention of CVD and CRC in adults younger than 50 years or older than 70 years. They recommend only taking aspirin if a doctor recommends it for a specific condition.

​October 16, 2021

One of the most popular sweeteners is Splenda (Sucralose). The maker of Splenda used several studies to convince the FDA to approve Splenda as a food additive. After the approval, studies have been funded by organizations other than the maker. In later studies, Sucralose elevated glucose and insulin levels in a small study of obese women, who are at increased risk for further weight gain and development of diabetes. Splenda at doses approved by the FDA and EU elevated the expression of P-gp and CYP enzymes to levels previously associated with significant reductions in the bioavailability of therapeutic drugs.

Contrary to the claims s of the manufacturer, chlorinated potentially toxic or cancer-causing compounds were found in the feces of humans that consumed Splenda.  Splenda also reduces the good bacteria in the digestive tract. When heated to baking temperatures in cookies, Splenda generated chloropropanols, a potentially toxic class of compounds.  Sucralose converted to two compounds in acidic solutions (Carbonated drinks) over time. These two compounds cause mutations.

Schiffman, S. S., & Rother, K. I. (2013). Sucralose, A Synthetic Organochlorine Sweetener: Overview of Biological Issues. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part B, Critical Reviews, 16(7), 399.

Oct 12, 2021

We have been getting more depressed, experiencing more anxiety, and less happiness. To find out your particular level of happiness, depression, and anxiety, go to Select the Happiness tab and scroll down to the tests. If you are depressed and unable to get out of depression, seek professional help.  If increased happiness is what is needed, try the following.

Effective scientifically proven antidepressants

Have friends that make you happier and see them often.

Be thankful and express it to others.

Help others

Have empathy

Have integrity

New social experiences

Live in the present

Be in awe

Savor life

Have less stuff

Do not covet

Have a belief system that eliminates being upset (Albert Ellis)

Do not worry about status

Do not chase pleasure


Practice mindfulness



Look for flow experiences

Get adequate sleep

Join a Church and attend small group meetings

Limit added sugar (Better yet, eliminate added sugar)


Have a purpose in life

Have blue light in the day and not at night

Limit TV and do not watch the news

Limit electronic communication

Hug as often as socially acceptable

Eat a balanced diet that includes all the nutrients

Eat Anti-inflammatory compounds

Intermittent fasting

Ineffective and counterproductive treatments

Alcohol, Nicotine, and other depressants                      Computer games

Ice cream                                                                                    Marijuana

Oxycodone and other opioids                                             Caffeine and other stimulants

Food                                                                                              Social media                                                                      

Jia, H. (2021). National and State Trends in Anxiety and Depression Severity Scores Among Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, 2020–2021. MMWR. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 70(40).

October 4, 2021

The ancient Greeks discovered a way to not be upset by things that happen. It was called Stoicism. Albert Ellis brought this philosophy up to date. An example best illustrates the technique. If we are cut off in traffic, our subconscious reacts as a lion has attacked us. Our heart rate will increase, blood pressure will increase, and digestion will stop. This is an example of hate and anger (H&E) or fight, flee or freeze response. They are biochemically the same. We can stop the response by giving our brain a story that doesn’t involve being attacked. For example: Say to yourself that the man who cut you off has his pregnant wife in labor laying on the back seat. You will immediately relax. Make it a game of thinking up stories.

Our brain processes events on our brain stem, which is sometimes called our lizard brain. Events are also processed in the conscious part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. The lizard brain is quicker and can get us angry before we have consciously thought about it. When a traffic light turns red, we can have a H&E response. Paying attention to our green to red ratio will unstress driving. The secret is to replace our subconscious reaction with a conscious thought that makes the event interesting, exciting or pleasant, not threatening.

Being verbally attacked: You are fat, stupid, and ugly. Rather than getting upset and having the H&E response logically think through what was said. Maybe I could lose a few pounds; I know that my IQ is above average, and my face is plain but, most would not say ugly. I don’t think the person who made the evaluation is a good evaluator.

Things like car crashes, medical conditions, and financial loss should give us time to be thankful that we have insurance, doctors, and even people in the street can obtain food. When bad things happen, look at what we have, not what is lost. It will be a time of thanksgiving, not a time of stress. Ellis, A. (1990) How to stubbornly refuse to make yourself miserable about anything—yes anything! Carol Pub Group

September 26,2021

​A colonoscopy is not fun. The preparation does not add to the fun. The Journal of the American Medical Association has a good article on the different preparations for clearing the colon. Doctors are creatures of habit, just like you and me. They are also hesitant to recommend a $100 product when the $ 14 product works. If you, like me, are scheduled to have a colonoscopy, I recommend reading the article; if you find something that may be better for you, it doesn’t hurt to bring it up with your doctor. Copy the complete article and give it to the doctor when you have found something that you think may be better for you. The link is below.

September 21, 2021

R.A. Whitmer and associates studied Central Obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. Central obesity is a sign of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is primarily caused by Fructose. I discussed the problems associated with Fructose in earlier blogs. Whitmer and associates used Kaiser Permanente data; This data has been an excellent source of information on diseases and their causes. They analyzed the data on 6,583 subjects adjusting for age, sex, race, education, marital status, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, stroke, heart disease, and medical utilization. They used body diameter measured from 1964 to 1973. These subjects were in mid-life. They found of the 6,583 persons studied 15.9% had dementia 36 years later. Being in the top one third of central obesity increased the chance of having dementia by nearly three over those in the bottom third. We have already linked metabolic syndrome to heart disease, several types of cancer, and diabetes.

​September 15, 2021

Hate and Anger, with us in times past and with us now.                   

Seneca observed that the Roman nobility were always angry. He said that the slaves were happier than the nobility. Hating someone does not send out anger waves that hurt them. Hate injures the person doing the hating, not the person or thing causing the Hate. Hate and Anger hurts our body and brain and does nothing to make things better.

Hate and Anger trigger a biologically embedded “fight-or-flight” response. When human beings faced physical threats like animal predators in ancient times, the fight-or-flight response saved our lives by pumping our bodies with hormones and chemicals necessary for intense physical activity. When Hate and Anger kick in, your body readies itself to respond to a perceived threat, your muscles tense, your digestive processes stop, and specific brain centers start firing in ways that alter brain chemistry. When angry, any bodily function not directly related to fighting or fleeing is put on hold, including digestion, assimilation, cell production, body maintenance, circulation to internal organs, healing, and immunological defenses. The anger process damages internal organs and can lead to a heart attack, stroke, and other diseases. Your heart is especially vulnerable to the deadly effects of Hate and Anger and its consequences. Journal Volumes/Hendricks, LaVelle The Effects of Anger on the Brain and Body NFJCA V2 N1 2013.pdf
Colbert, D. (2003). Deadly emotions: understand the mind-body-spirit connection that can heal or destroy you.

September 8, 2021

Having a long health span should be the goal. I describe health span as the years of life without infirmities that prevent normal activities without assistance and without mental problems that interfere with enjoying life. Inflammation is the primary cause of diseases that cause infirmities and mental issues.  Below I have listed sources of inflammation and what inflammation does. In later posts, I will go into some detail on these items.

Causes of Inflammation:

High levels of insulin usually caused by metabolic syndrome
Toxins (includes excess alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs)
Inactive proteins in cells caused by constant eating that prevents cells using proteins for food
Damaged mitochondria due to constant eating that prevents autophagy (death and removal of damaged cells)
Sleep deprivation
Excess proteins
Omega 6 oils
Trace element deficiency or excess
Wrong intestinal bacteria usually caused by insufficient dietary fiber or antibiotics

What Inflammation Causes:

Fats to stick to the walls of blood cells, causing clots
Damage to tissue that causes cancer to develop
Damage to the heart
The buildup of damaged tissue in the brain (Alzheimer’s)
Liver damage that frees more toxins for further damage
Immune system damage
Improper immune system activation that causes allergies
Inappropriate immune system activation that causes autoimmune diseases
Loss of bone mass that leads to broken bones
Type 2 and type 1 diabetes

September 3, 2021

How to lose weight without a great deal of willpower, pain, or suffering

Understand the science:

Calorie restriction fails to reduce weight 99% of the time. The metabolic system will slow down to compensate for calorie restriction, at the same time, step up the production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and decrease the hormones that would reduce hunger.

Exercise in moderation is an excellent way to be healthy. It is only a minimally effective weight-loss strategy. Exercise increases hunger, and moderate exercise does not significantly increase the metabolic rate. Long-duration high-intensity exercise can be harmful.

Fructose is in all added sugars. (table sugar, honey, maple syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and agave) Fructose increases the production of ghrelin. Fructose can not be used by the body for energy and must be converted to fat by the liver. Fat from the liver is stored in a fatty organ surrounding the intestines; this belly fat is the most visible sign of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome leads to heart disease, fatty liver disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Fiber, fat and protein decrease hunger and signal the brain to stop eating.

Weight loss requires fat burning and can only happen when the level of insulin in the body is low. Sugars, starches, and proteins keep insulin high.

Steps to effective weight loss:

Eliminate all added sugars: no cookies, fruit juices (not even orange juice), candy, cakes, pies, condiments with added sugar (catsup), etc. Limit fruit to one serving a day. Learn to read food labels to avoid buying foods with added sugar.

Eat a zero added sugar, high-fat, high fiber, low carbohydrate diet. Saturated fats are the best. (See August 27, 2021 blog post)  Fat will reduce apatite. Unfortunately, many obese people lose the signal from fat to stop eating. Eat about 0.4 grams of protein per day for each pound of target weight. For those over 65, eat 0.5 grams of additional protein. Read food labels and do the math.

Set a realistic target. A reduction of 10% of your current weight is realistic; after hitting this target and maintaining this weight, you may want to set a new target. Unrealistic targets can lead to disappointment and giving up.

Do not snack. Snacks keep insulin levels high and prevent fat burning.

Use intermittent fasting. Pick a time window and only eat within that window. I fast from 6:00 PM until Noon the next day, an 18 hour fast. Everyone is different; you may only be able to fast for 13 hours a day.

Stay busy.  Everyone has found that they have been active on some project and missed a meal. If you follow the above, you will quickly lose several pounds of water. After the first few pounds, the loss will be fat. It will be slow, but it is essential to stay with it. A slow loss over a long time is the most healthful. Cycling loss, gain, loss, gain is deadly. 

August 27, 2021

In the 1950s Ansel Keys a fish physiologist did a major study of diets in different countries and heart disease. By eliminating countries like France from the study he picked countries that supported his recommendation to reduce dietary fat and replace saturated fat with margarine. His study was a fraud. Both of these have led to the present obesity, type two diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s epidemics. Despite many good clinical studies that show high carbohydrate diets cause all of the above problems doctors are still recommending a low-fat diet and recommending reduction of saturated fat. This post will focus on dietary fat.

Anita Slomski in her article in The Journal of the American Medical Association described a study of subjects who had significant migraine episodes. The 182 subjects where either fed a standard diet which is high in omega 6 fatty acids or a diet lower in omega 6 fatty acids and higher in omega 3 fatty acids. The subjects fed the low omega fatty acids had less frequent and less severe migraine episodes.

This is only the latest of studies that showed the damage done with omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids cause inflammation which in turn causes cancer, heart disease, and increases the risk of diabetes. Omega 6 oils when in HDL and LDL can be oxidized to produce aldehydes that cause cancer and lead to arterial blockages. Saturated fats do not cause any of these problems.   Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory. Fish oils are high in the best source of omega 3 fatty acids.  Below is a table of common fatty acids:

 Common oils      %Omega 6 fatty acid                 %Omega 3                High saturated fat content
Palm Kernel oil           1.6                                           0                                              X
Chia seed                    5.8                                           17.5                                        
Coconut oil                 1.8                                           0                                               X
Butter                          2.2                                           1.4                                            X
Beef tallow                  3.1                                           0.6                                            X
Olive Oil                       9.3                                           0.07
Lard (pig & bacon)     10.2                                         1.0                                            X
Walnuts                       38.1                                         9.08
Canola high oleic        14.5                                         9.1
Safflower oil               14.3                                          0
Almond oil                  17.4                                          0
Peanut oil                    31.7                                          0
Sesame oil                   41.3                                         0.3
Soybean oil                 50.3                                         7.0
Cottonseed oil             51.5                                         0.2
Corn oil                        53.5                                          1.2      
Wheat germ oil           54.8                                         6.9
Sunflower                    65.7                                          0.0
Grape seed                  69.6                                         0.1
Safflower (linoleic)     74.6                                          0.0

 ​August 21, 2021

According to Rafael Sanjuán RNA viruses like COVID-19 should have a higher mutation rate than DNA viruses. His calculations suggest a mutation rate of 1.6 mutations for every one million virus replications.  This sounds rare, but many million replications happen with each infection. Each new variant will be a new virus with unique properties. Most will be less able to spread and will not reproduce. Hiroshi Haeno studied the risk of resistance to evolve in a virus population that grows exponentially. Over time there will be many strains in circulation. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies will need to develop vaccines for the new strains. With billions of people passing the virus to each other, the chance of contracting the virus is nearly 100%. According to Doctor Austgen the less deadly virus strains will tend to dominate because they will be more likely to spread by people who have the disease and can continue to continue to work, study and interact with others.

Probability of resistance evolution for exponentially growing virus in the host
Hiroshi Haeno

Viral Mutation Rates
Rafael Sanjuán Journal of Virology

 ​August 15, 2021

There have been concerns about the effects of vaccination for COVID-19. We know that the impact of contracting the virus includes many severe complications, including death. One concern is for losing manhood. To put this concern to rest, Daniel C. Gonzalez and others studied sperm count before and after COVID-19 vaccination by both BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) and mRNA-1273 (Moderna). They found a slight increase in sperm count that was not statically meaningful. Do not let concerns for bad reactions to the vaccines prevent being vaccinated and then contracting the disease and suffering from the consequences of contracting the virus.

August 6, 2021

Rabbits were imported into Australia for food. They quickly multiplied like rabbits and were destroying the planted crops and the native habitat. After many failed attempts Myxoma virus was imported to kill the rabbits. The early strain quickly killed many rabbits. Dead rabbits do not pass the disease. A less deadly more easily transmitted strain then dominated the disease in the population. This killed the more susceptible and the less healthy rabbits. Australia now has a healthier population of rabbits and less deadly but more easily transmitted strains of myxoma virus in circulation. The myxoma virus may be coming back in a deadlier strain. You can substitute humans for rabbits and COVID-19 for myxoma virus and know where we are going. It is already happening. Our obese, diabetic and less healthy are dying and the strains are more contagious. Initial reports on the delta strain show it to be less deadly if so, we are on the same path as the Australian rabbits. The only way to get off of the rabbit path is to have everyone vaccinated.

August 2, 2021

John T. Brooks and Jay C. Butler scientists working at the CDC published a study of mask effectiveness. They identified 10 μm (0.0004 inches) in diameter droplets as the cause of the spread. These droplets are only partially filtered by cloth masks. They included in their report scientific studies that had been done by others to identify mask effectiveness in preventing COVID-19 transmission. The different studies showed that mask wearing reduced transmission to between 20% and 30% of what would have been expected without mask wearing. Most of the studies were done before the spread of the recent more easily transmitted variant of the virus. One of the characteristics of a virus is continued development of variants. Those that are more contagious and are slower to develop symptoms while spreading more virus particles will be more likely to become more numerous.  As a result, with or without masks persons who are unvaccinated will get the virus.

So far, the variants have not been as likely to be contracted by those who have been vaccinated; when they have been contracted the need for hospitalization and death have been remarkably reduced.  I had one of the serious side effects of the vaccine. If I contracted the virus without being vaccinated, I probably would have had the worst affects of the virus. Delaying vaccination because of possible symptoms is risking possible hospitalization and death from the virus. JAMA. 2021;325(10):998-999. doi:10.1001/jama.2021.1505

July 28, 2021

The passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 deregulated the dietary supplement industry. The government was non longer involved in verifying the claims of the dietary supplements. As a result, there has been a flood of products on the market that claim to improve health and cause weight loss. John A. Batsis and this colleagues studied supplement claims and published their findings in Obesity Review. They showed little good unbiased clinical support for marketed supplements. These products are profitable for their manufacturers but of little help to the consumers. They looked at the products one by one. Before taking a supplement it would be good to read their study.

July 18, 2021

Screening for colon cancer discovers any early cancer growths when treatment can effectively prevent development and spread. Colonoscopy is not without risk of possible severe injury. Older patients will have a thinner colon lining and are more easily injured. It is a balance between harm and cancer prevention. Wenjie Ma and others studied the benefit and risks of colonoscopy for those over 75 years old. The study included 56 374 patients over 75 years old. There was a net benefit to having a colonoscopy. However, screening colonoscopy after 75 years of age was not associated with risk reduction in CRC death among participants with cardiovascular disease or significant potentially lethal diseases. My most recent colonoscopy was on March 2, 2017, and it showed some polyps. My mother died of colon cancer, so I will not miss having one done in 2022.     

July 7, 2021

There have been many studies of sugar-sweetened beverages. In all cases they were found to be detrimental to health. Here I am reviewing two that were also reviews of several scientific publications. Vasanti S Malik and others looked at the underlying cause. Their conclusion was based on studies that included 310,819 subjects and 15,043 cases of type 2 diabetes. They found that persons in the highest quantile of sugar-sweetened beverage intake had a 26% higher risk of developing diabetes than those in the lowest. Those who consumed the most sugar-sweetened beverages were also more likely to have metabolic syndrome.

Gitanjali M Singh and others looked at how sugar-sweetened beverages caused disease in multiple countries.  They found that 5% of sugar-sweetened beverage-related deaths occurred in low-income, 70.9% in middle-income, and 24.1% in high-income countries. The least affected country was Japan that had only 1% related to sugar-sweetened beverages. The most affected was Mexico, with 12.1% of deaths related to sugar-sweetened beverages.

June 29, 2021

Oral hygiene
There are more than 700 species of microorganisms that can be in our mouth. A healthy person will have about 250 to 300 of these. Streptococcus is the most abundant. These microorganisms colonize both the soft tissue and our teeth. They form the plaque on our teeth. Our body protects our mouth and teeth by making saliva that contains a variety of compounds that do various jobs. The enzyme amylase breaks down starches into sugars. It starts the digestive process, and after we are done eating, amylase clears the mouth of carbohydrates. Sugars are the primary food for microorganisms. Saliva also contains compounds that neutralize the acids in food and those made by bacteria. There are proteins in saliva that coat the teeth and soft tissue to block microorganisms from attaching to these surfaces. There 14 different compounds in saliva that attack bacteria, fungus, and viruses. An important one is lactoferrin that binds iron, preventing microorganism growth. The soft tissue sheds cells from the surface to remove any colonizing microorganisms. Teeth do not shed, so microorganisms can form films on these surfaces.  We are most vulnerable to microorganism colonization of the space between the teeth and the gums. While eating, the saliva lubricates to allow swallowing, but the other functions are overwhelmed.

For optimum oral hygiene, we should eat, remove food from our mouth and allow the saliva time to do its work. Continuous eating keeps sugars available to the microorganisms.  Soft tissue bleeding continues to provide iron and overwhelms the lactoferrin.  Vitamin D and calcium deficiency is the usual cause of bleeding gums.   I floss my teeth but didn’t understand the purpose. Now I know flossing is a way to remove food particles from the space between the gums and the teeth and remove plaque to allow the saliva a head start on coating the teeth.                                               

June 24, 2021

I keep coming back to Alzheimer’s because my father died of Alzheimer’s. As far as I can determine reading the literature, there is a path to avoid. It starts with fructose consumption. The next step is metabolic syndrome (enlarged belly fat caused by enlarged omentum, high A1c, high blood pressure). Diabetes is next with swollen hands and feet and the need for drugs, including insulin.  The next step is Alzheimer’s.  The further along this path, the harder it is to stop the progression and reverse the damage. We can avoid this path with the elimination of fructose in our diet. Reversing diabetes requires a drastic reduction of carbohydrates.  We can stop the progression of early cognitive impairment with what is called a ketogenic diet. This diet replaces glucose as fuel for our muscles and brain with wrongly called ketones made by our liver from fat. ( I am a chemist, and these are not ketones; they are various hydroxy acids.) There have been many studies, and all have shown positive results in having a ketogenic diet where there are minimum carbohydrates. Several studies indicate that adding medium-chain triglycerides is an improvement to just reducing carbohydrates. Below are some links.                                                                                           

June 17, 2021

Methylene Chloride is a common paint remover. It works quickly and evaporates without leaving a residual. It also doesn't have a strong odor. There are two problems with Methylene Chloride.

1) It is highly toxic; in the last 38 years, it has killed more than two people pre-year and has made 37,201 people ill.

2) It is toxic to the environment and is not easily degraded.

When using paint strippers, be careful, all of them are toxic, and many are flammable. Please do not use any of them in a small unventilated space, and watch out for ignition sources like electrical switches.

June 11, 2021

The Bible talks about daily bread and the bread of life. There doesn't seem to be any concern about celiac disease. What has changed? We no longer use yeast to make bread, and we take antacids. Wheat has a protein called glutin. This protein is difficult to digest. To survive, plants must make digesting their seeds as hard as possible. Undigested proteins can cause an allergic reaction. By making bread with yeast, the yeast will do a partial breakdown of the glutin. The acids in our stomach work with an enzyme called pepsin to break down the gluten further. The microbes in the digestive tract also break down proteins. Glutin is a nutritious protein, and there is no reason to avoid it. Bread made with yeast smells better and tastes better. Yeast-made bread doesn't have a long shelf life. Support your local bakery that uses yeast. Yiqing Wang and others did a study that demonstrated glutin does not cause cognitive function loss.

Benjamin Lebwohl and others writing in the British Medical Journal found that long-term dietary intake of gluten was not associated with the risk of coronary heart disease., However, the avoidance of gluten may reduce consumption of beneficial whole grains, which may affect cardiovascular risk. The promotion of gluten-free diets among people without celiac disease should not be encouraged.

BMJ: first published as 10.1136/bmj.j1892 on 2 May 2017.                      
June 6, 2021

For COVID-19 to infect a cell, it must attach itself to the cell; The virus must then insert a strand of RNA into the cell. This RNA is the instruction to make more viruses. The end of the virus that attaches to the cell is called the spike. The spike is not sharp but is a projection with a collection of proteins that allow the virus to adhere to the cell. Most of the vaccines generate proteins that mimic the spike end. When the immune system recognizes these proteins, it reacts and organizes to fight these proteins. COVID-19 mutates like any other virus; most of these variations do not reproduce, but some that do can be more infectious.    There are now four variants of concern.
B.1.1.7 was first detected in the UK.  This variant has nine variations in the spike protein. It is better at attaching to human cells, but data from Israel suggests that the current vaccines based on spike proteins should still work.
B.1.351 was first detected in South Africa.  This variant also has nine variations in the spike protein. It is also better at attaching to human cells, but clinical trials show a weaker immune reaction. The AstraZeneca vaccine use has been halted in South Africa because it may not be effective. The Maderna and Pfizer, and J&J continue to be effective.
B.1.427 and B.1.429 were first found in California. These variants have four variations in the spike protein. It is better at attaching to human cells, but this variation seems to be dying out.  The current vaccines still work but are somewhat less effective.
P.1 was first detected in Brazil. There are several sub-variations, each has several different changes. It is better at attaching to human cells, but current data suggests that the current vaccines may be less effective but still provide some protection.

June 2, 2021

The vegan and vegetarian supported scientists have told the public that meat and particularly processed meat was the cause of cardiovascular disease and cancer.  Two scientists each assembled teams of scientists to review all of the work done to show whether this was true or not. They looked at the actual studies and the statistics used in the studies. Robin W. M. Vernooij’s team determined there was weak evidence for diets that excluded meat and processed meat, providing a small cardiovascular disease and cancer reduction. Bradley C Johnston’s team found weak and low-certainty evidence for any cardiovascular disease and cancer reduction due to reduced meat consumption or processed meat consumption. There isn't sufficient scientific evidence to remove meat or processed meat from our diet. If you want a steak or a hot dog don't let any sissy vegan or vegetarian tell you no.  Tell them to go to a very hot place.

Johnson article:

Vernooij’s article:

May 28, 2021

Jackson S. Turner and colleagues studied the persistence of immunity against COVID-19. It is known that long-lived bone marrow plasma cells are a persistent and essential source of protective antibodies. COVID-19 anti-serum antibodies experience rapid decay in the first few months after infection, raising concerns that long-lived bone marrow plasma cells may not be generated and immunity against this virus may be short-lived. In patients who experienced mild COVID-19 infections, Turner and associates demonstrated that antibodies decline rapidly in the first four months after infection and then more gradually over the following seven months, remaining detectable at least 11 months after infection. They also demonstrated that long-lived bone marrow plasma cells are quiescent, indicating that they are part of a long-lived compartment. They showed that COVID-19 infection induces a robust, long-lived immune response in humans. This persistent immunity would also likely be true of vaccinated individuals.

May 26, 2021

I am 81 years old. Click here for my latest blood test. Note my low A1c on page 3. I am following my advice in my book. I was more than 220 pounds and had back-to-back heart surgeries in January 2017. I am now 175 pounds with more muscle and a smaller belly.  Click here for a picture of me with metabolic syndrome. The heart surgery was when I decided to study the problem and change my ways. How to do it is in my book Age Successfully. The free summary is on the Age Successfully page at the bottom of the book cover.  

May 18, 2021

Deepa Mohan, Ph.D., Andrew Mente, Ph.D.; Mahshid Dehghan, Ph.D.; et al. published their analysis of fish consumption in The Journal of the American Medical Association. They reviewed four studies of 191,558 subjects. They found 175 grams (6 ounces) reduced the risk of death and stroke in those with heart disease but did not reduce death or stroke in otherwise healthy individuals; because fish have brain-damaging mercury; eat fish in moderation if you like it. Fish is nutritious. Stay away from larger predatory fish such as shark, marlin, and swordfish.

May  8, 2021

The medical research community finally understands that metabolic syndrome, not obesity, is associated with heart disease, strokes, fatty liver disease, diabetes, and dementia. Obesity and metabolic syndrome are not the same. The May 7, 2021 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association published the study results by Ayana K. April-Sanders, and Carlos J. Rodriguez. This study described metabolically healthy obesity. Their criteria were:

1) Systolic blood pressure less than 130 mm Hg

2) Waist to hip ratio less than 0.95 for women and 1.03 for men

3) No diabetes

Obesity itself does not seem to be the problem. It is metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is usually caused by fructose and shows up as an enlarged omentum. The omentum is the fatty organ that surrounds the intestine. It is what makes men look pregnant. Metabolic syndrome leads to diabetes and dementia. It is also the cause of fatty liver and heart disease; the sugar on the red blood cells reduces the oxygen available to all tissues and worsens any disease. Fructose also causes hunger and leads to eating sugar, hunger, eating sugar, hunger, and repeating. Often people with metabolic syndrome are obese, so many studies are made without differentiation.

May 2, 2021

I subscribe to Medscape, a service for practicing physicians to earn the educational credits required to maintain their license. They have an academic part, and a sequence of cases that require the doctor to either recommend additional testing or give a diagnosis. I read the educational component and take the test. The latest one was on vitamin D and the cost in money and lives. The original work was done in Germany. The authors converted the results to the U.S. equivalent.

In the United States, there are approximately 118 million people older than 50, and about 610,000 persons older than 50 dies of cancer each year. Assuming that all the persons older than 50 are provided with the cheapest brand of vitamin D 1000 IU, at 5 cents per tablet, a strategy similar to that advocated by Dr. Niedermaier and colleagues in Germany would cost $18.25 per year per person or $2.2 billion per year across the United States. Based on U.S. costs for end-of-life cancer care provided in the German article, this would result in savings of $3.7 billion for families, government, and insurers in the United States and a net benefit (after paying for the vitamin D) of $1.5 billion. Americans would also gain an additional 870,000 years of life per year.
Authors: News Author: Helen Leask; CME Author: Charles P. Vega, MD

April 29, 2021

Losing weight and improving health is easier than most think. I am on a time-restricted eating schedule of 18 hours of fasting and six hours of eating. This has prevented me from having metabolic syndrome. I found it easy once it became routine. Michael J. Wilkinson and others writing in the journal Cell Metabolism found that time-restricted eating reduces the risks of metabolic diseases in otherwise healthy individuals. However, patients with diagnosed metabolic syndrome often undergo pharmacotherapy, and it has never been tested whether time-restricted eating can act synergistically with pharmacotherapy in animal models or humans. In a single-arm, paired-sample trial, 19 participants with metabolic syndrome and a baseline mean daily eating window of ≥14 h, the majority of whom were on a statin and/or antihypertensive therapy, underwent ten-hour of time-restricted eating (all dietary intake within a consistent self-selected ten-hour window) for 12 weeks. Wilkinson found this time-restricted eating intervention improves cardiometabolic health for patients with metabolic syndrome receiving standard medical care, including high statin and antihypertensive use rates. Participants lost weight, waist circumference, percent body fat, visceral fat, had lower blood pressure, atherogenic lipids, and glycated hemoglobin (A1c).  4?_returnURL

April 22, 2021

All 1400 employees and students at the Rockefeller University campus were tested for the markers that showed either the reaction to the COVID-19 virus or reactions to the vaccine. Two of the women who showed that they had appropriately reacted to the vaccine and should have been immune developed the virus. The genetic sequences of the two viruses were different from each other and from the initial viral sequence used to develop the vaccine.  These variations could have been the reason that the vaccine did not prevent the contraction of the virus. The good news was; the women quickly recovered. The bottom line is after we are vaccinated we do not need to be as concerned as we were but we can’t be entirely careless.
Ezgi Hacisuleyman in the New England Journal of Medicine

April 19, 2021

It is our duty as aunts, uncles, and grandparents to see that our grandchildren nieces, and nephews are not abused. Abuse often leads to serious injury and death of an infant. There was an article for doctors to tell the difference between abuse and the normal bruises from falls and other common childhood accidents; Kim Kaczor, MS; Douglas J. Lorenz, Ph.D.; et al did a good job of describing the difference. It is available at  If you notice bruises on someone younger than four years old notice the location and frequency and then read the journal to either allay or confirm your suspicions. You may need to offer to change a diaper to get a better look.

April 11, 2021

Vaccine-induced clotting reduction.
I stay current in the latest medical discoveries. I do this by reviewing multiple journals and subscribing to a service that scans journals for articles that are in my area of interest. When I see something that would be of general interest I post it on my blog. The April 9 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine has two articles that describe the loss of blood clotting ability after receiving the vaccine against coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).  The authors called this complication vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia. In my case, this reduction of clotting ability caused a small bleed in my brain. This in turn caused me to have a Tonic Colonic Seizure.  The journal article authors found only five cases and believe it to be rare. I know of me and two other cases so it may not be as rare as they think. If you know someone who has a problem like mine have them print out the article for their health provider and report the problem to the government.

To report an adverse effect go to:
The journal article is at