As Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." DeTocqueville.

Published on Jan 17, 2014
"Nearly three decades ago, Mike, Larry, and Captain Bob sailed from Fairport Harbor to Canada. Not seen is the violent storm on the return trip or where at 3:00 AM our sailboat was threatened by an ore freighter emerging from the fog."     Larry Kelly
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Video on how to say the th, r, and l sounds for my friends in Communist China where
It is available. Click here or go to:

Video on how to say the th, r, and l sounds in English for my friends in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Click here or go to: short introduction to the playbook of the radical left

My Political thoughts:
I know that the current social/political climate makes a lot of what I have to say controversial.  That does not make what I have to say right or wrong.  The liberals ( known by other names such as: Progressives, Socialists, Communists and now they say Open Society as a code word because many know their failures) in academia and media what to prevent many of these things from being said.  Students will not hear much of this in school.  These important ideas should not be silenced.  Some of these ideas have inspired the successful free market capitalistic system that has made the United States the greatest country on earth. 


Click here for a Power Point on Saul Alinsky. He described a set of actions to turn the United States from a Democratic Republic into a Socialist Dictatorship. Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on his book Rules For Radicals. Barack Obama was a follower and he called himself a Community Organizer which was the title Alinsky used for himself.  
Hillary Clinton senior thesis with erasures, typos and all. She is a dedicated follower of Alinsky.

Adventure in China with Daniel. This is about their accepting Adam Smith and our forgetting.

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Click here for the Communist Manifesto and where we are today.

FAIRtax is America’s Big Solution to the many problems caused by the federal tax code.  We want a long term solution and not short term tax changes that ignore the root problems. 

Replace the old income/payroll tax system to increase take home pay, solve border taxation and tax evasion and eliminate annual filing, taxes on jobs, tax withholding and the IRS. 

 Repeal the 16th Amendment to end directly taxing the individual.  Move the tax base from income, savings and investment to a tax base on consumption with a progressive national sales/consumption tax and only one tax break, a monthly tax refund ($245 per adult, $86 per dependent), called Prebate, that is your pocket money to pay the FAIRtax tax up to subsistence level spending and of most value to the impoverished. 

 Learn more, join the volunteer organization and contribute at  


Below is a copy of my annual blood test. Three items were out of the normal range.

HGB is the measure of red platelets in my blood. This problem has been low since a series of medical disasters in 2017. I take Iron, but it has not helped. I seem to be able to get around OK and stay fit.

%A1C measures the sugar molecules on red platelets as if I didn’t have a problem there already. I have been using both Equal and Stevia. They both come in a paper envelope that has sugar as a filler. I didn’t realize I consumed lots of sugar with the little packs. I will now limit myself to one 1 gram pack a day. This %A1C is in the good range but I want it lower.

Creatinine was high. I work out and have researched the literature. The Muscle building I do requires protein. Most people with my schedule would need to take creatinine. This number makes me happy to know I am consuming enough protein. ​​

Here is my latest blood test. As you can see all of my numbers look good. except for my iron and hemoglobin and iron. I started iron pills and hope to have this fixed by the blood test next year.  I am 83 years old; I rode my bicycle this morning and worked out in the gym. My blood pressure was last measured as 111 over 57 with a heart rate of 57 bpm. I follow my own advice on diet and life style. 


"Those who are governed best are governed least"     Thomas Jefferson


Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christian Republican that wanted to eliminate racial division. He was against laws that restricted the first and second amendments. The first was to protect the speech of Americans of African descent. And the second was to protect the Americans of African descent who were speaking out from the Southern Democrats that were assaulting and killing them. He fought against any program or movement that would foster division between races.

Two quotes by Dr. King:

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear