I have visited many places. Some like Thailand, China, and Hong Kong I have been to many times.   

St. Lucia
Hong Kong
St. Maartin both sides
St Thomas
Puerto Rico
Russia (West) Saint Petersburg

Canary Islands
Pago Pago
New Caledonia
South Korea
Russia (East, Siberia)
Cayman Islands
Turks and Caicos
British Virgin Islands
South Holland the Netherlands
Falkland Islands

Robert in South America in 2020,

The latest blog  entry: ​​June 10, 2024 Red Meat I read  health journals from organizations like The American Medical Association, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine and many others. When I find a set of journal articles that may be of general interest I try to summaries them into a short article in layman's terms. I always add a link to at least one of the journals I have summarized.  This way medical people who read the post can see the basic document. I try to pick journal articles that can be accessed by layman. 

​Robert Harrison Black        bob@life401.com

List of Roberts Patents:

Robert H. Black US Patents Issued
 PAT. NO. / Title
 7,262,160 / Dye Product and Method of Treating Clothing for UV Blocking
 6,750,186 / Composition and Method for Cleaning Dishwashers
 6,239,166 / Compositions for killing dust mites and methods of using same
 6,211,128 / Toilet bowl cleaning and sanitizing composition and method of using same
 6,192,524 / Toilet bowl cleaning and sanitizing composition and system and method of using same
 6,090,765 / Composition for cleaning hard surfaces
 5,912,406 / Method of cleaning soiled fabrics
 5,910,474 / Method of rinsing showers clean
 5,837,664 / Aqueous shower rinsing composition and a method for keeping showers clean
 5,587,022 / Method of rinsing showers
 5,536,452 / Aqueous shower rinsing composition and a method for keeping showers clean
 5,009,618 / Method and apparatus for making electrical connecting device
 5,001,680 / Compliant tube baffle
 4,887,247 / Compliant tube baffle
 4,863,402 / Method and apparatus for making electrical connecting device
 4,725,243 / Polarizing key for cable termination
 3,111,413 / Boron oxide derivative high tempera
ture marking ink

Robert with the head of the Taoist temple and seminary in Taipei Taiwan.

Robert's wife Harriet on their balcony in Antarctica.

Robert (in the blue jacket) on the Spanish steps In Rome.

Robert swimming with the fish 2019.

About the author:

Robert Harrison Black is a Christian and member of 
Palms Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville Beach, Florida
He is a volunteer instructor in happiness and successful aging  at the University of North Florida Osher Life Long Learning Institute (OLLI).   

He has been a farm kid, a paper boy, a dishwasher, waited counter, a short order cook, a camp counselor, a chemical plant operator a captain in the US Air Force, a scientist, a registered professional engineer, an inventor with 17 US patents in diverse fields. He has been a corporate executive at one time managing over 600 employees and an entrepreneur founding three companies.  

He has traveled to 65 places, spending time with the local people where ever he goes. He backpacked Laos in 2016, spent months in Hong Kong, and more than a year in Thailand. He sailed the Atlantic, the Pacific, Lake Erie and the Gulf of Mexico. He is a Member of the American Chemical Society, Mendeley, Science Open, and Research Gate. He is electronically subscribed to BioscienceTechnology, JAMA network, Lancet on line, NEJM on line, and The Scientist.  The author has studied Buddhism and observed Taoism in Thailand and Taiwan. He has meditated with Nichiren Buddhist. He studied Islam and observed it in Thailand and Indonesia.

Palms Presbyterian Church, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Robert H. Black BS, MS, MBA, PE                   ©,2024 Permission to copy is granted if the source is referenced.

Blog last updated June 10, 2024 

Credentials of Robert H. Black:

BS Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University, 1961

University of Southern California,  Management studies, 1965

MS Electrical Engineering,  University of Missouri, 1968

MBA Finance,  University of Akron, 1982

Avionics Officer School, 1963

Avionics Staff Officer School, 1968

Member of the Financial Management Association Honorary,

Captain US Air Force November 1962, to February 1970,

Registered Professional Engineer, (he allowed his license to lapse at the end of 2009) 

President and majority owner Dermal Science Corporation,

17 US patents issued,

Member of Medscape an information and education organization for doctors,            

Member Florida Fair Tax  Education Organization,

Toastmasters: Competent Communicator,          

Certified FDIC instructor in financial management

Robert and his wife Harriet in Siberia

Robert at the the 10,000 Buddhas Temple in Hong Kong. Only one disagrees.

Robert and grandson Daniel in Dalian China with a policeman.

Robert backpacking Laung Prabang, Laos  in 2016.

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