This is my latest invention. It is a cleaner that treats glass so that fingerprints don't stick.

This is a recent invention. It is a spray that cleans the glass of a cell phone, tablet or computer. After cleaning, the glass resists finger prints.


Climate Science

The Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo, recently died of cancer in a Chinese prison. He was not allowed to get western treatment.  Here is his energizing quote:

"If you want to enter hell, do not complain about the dark."

This site contains useful ideas for life.  It is a combination of my personal beliefs and ideas borrowed from a few great people.  These great people include Albert Einstein, Eric Hoffer, Walter Williams, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Sowell, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher,Calvin Coolidge, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  I have illustrated the ideas that I have found useful with examples from my life. Your Great and Great Great Grandfathers and Grandmothers also provided wisdom and incite. 

I know that the current social/political climate makes a lot of what I have to say controversial.  That does not make what I have to say right or wrong.  The liberals ( known by other names such as: Progressives, Socialists, Communists and now they say Open Society as a code word because many know their failures) in academia and media what to prevent many of these things from being said.  Students will not hear much of this in school.  These important ideas should not be silenced.  Some of these ideas have inspired the successful free market capitalistic system that has made the United States the greatest country on earth.  If this book makes you think, it is worthwhile.

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This site is a graduate course in life

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